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  1. Hello there, This can actually be modified on the localizations now. Easy-Peasy.
  2. Hi there, That's right, PDF Generator is not available on Details DataPages. I tried creating the List DataPage to be able to download PDF too. I tried this article This worked to me before, but for some reasons, it stopped working now. I know that this was already deprecated. So I guess, having the List DataPage is the correct road to go to, though when embedding the document isn't really effective. I tried to create the whole word document so that it would fit to caspio's PDF generator. It's a bit of work though but it pays off, somehow hehe.
  3. Hi there, that's correct. the reason why it's returning an error is if you have 0 on the division. You can just add a NULLIF to your statement. You can use this formula: ([@field:Elig_Reg_Riders]+[@field:Elig_Spec_Need_Riders])/NULLIF(([@field:Regular_Runs]+[@field:SPED_Runs]),0) Let me know if this works.
  4. Hi Taylorswiftloverdover. I am not sure if this would be the most efficient formula, but this works: CONVERT(FLOAT, (Substring([@field:a], 1, 255))) I don't know, it might be silly. So the substring 1, means that it will be the starting point of the new text, then convert it to number. Works for me, but I know there could've been a better formula
  5. ISNULL stills seems to be working for me. If it were true that ISNULL will be deprecated, what should we use as a replacement?
  6. If you want the maximum submission to be just 12, then you can just set the fields inside the QTY field to 12. The inner join you see up there in the select will serve as the loop that while the QTY is greater than or equal to a certain value, then, continue adding the field.
  7. I can't think of any other ways to do this but using Triggered Actions, although it may take a Loooong syntax having the sample email I saw. I was thinking of using case when statements that if the value is blank, then skip the field. Then concatenate them all in the message body. (Not actually a good idea). I'm not also sure if the HTML format can render some javascript and that can be an option too.
  8. Hello Batchini! You can actually modify it on the Formatting of your Checkbox. Go to the results Page, change the formatting to something else. You can create custom Values, and maybe change the color according to your preference. It should look like this: Hope this helps. Glitch();
  9. I had this type of workflow before. My workflow is: When updating the Record, it will not really "Update" the record, but it will need an approval first before the actual record is updated. I don't know if that makes sense But think of it as, getting an approval first before updating the Data. I guess that would work on this type of workflow. It's a very crazy trigger, what is does - is it deletes the #inserted record (with conditions of course) then moves the #inserted to another table. This way, unless the conditions on the delete block is met, it will not consider the record updated. One work around that I could think of, without the trigger is to maybe, just create a submission form below the Reports, so there you can submit the Suggested change. Or maybe just create something like an audit trail like this one:
  10. I think I already asked this before. They had some suggestions, but I don't think that's going to be possible as of the moment. Maybe you can check the last reply.
  11. While Triggered Actions does not work on Import, maybe you can use tasks as a replacement. Tasks work pretty similar with triggers. Their only difference is what fires them. Trigger runs on table modifications (Insert, action, delete), Tasks runs on a scheduled time or on demand.
  12. You just need to add this piece of code inside the block: form[id^="caspioform"] { margin: 0px auto; } That's it. =)
  13. To start with, what type of DataPage are you using? If you're using a Tabular or a Pivot, then you may not need SQL statements anymore since we have a Total and Aggregation function in caspio.
  14. To explain more about this trigger, I implemented this to my app as well. The reason why we need a dummy table is because this will be the static value of until how many days can an event last. If you only set the row up to 30, the maximum days of events will be 30.
  15. Tasks can only run Hourly, Daily, Monthly. For better performance, it is advised that you have a leeway of 15 minutes for every task. in this case, you can only run 4 tasks per hour. So for the task to run every minute, you have to create 4 tasks, just what Maymusic has mentioned. So I think, it's not possible for you to run it every 10minutes. Unless, maybe if you set different timezones, which I have not yet tried.
  16. Or you can add this line on your CSS> <style> table[class*="cbFormTable"] { border: none !important; background: white; margin: 0px auto !important; } </style> Hope this helps. =)
  17. Hi @Josh1425, You can use this Formula to get the first name: left([@field:Name], charindex(' ', [@field:Name])-1) This on the last name: right([@field:Name], (len([@field:Name])-charindex(' ', [@field:Name]))) Only problem I see here is if the User has Second name, the formula will just get the first part split by the space. And then the Last name will be considered all the string after the first name. I hope this helps. Glitch();
  18. First question is, how are you counting the records. Do you have a parent table where the counter is going to be saved? The reason why the inserted record is not being counted, because if you do the Select count on the trigger - the trigger will be counting the records that are currently inside the table. So when it comes to counting or summing the values, you need to include the #inserted value. Or in this case, you can just simply add 1 to the Select Count query. Hope this helps. Glitch();
  19. I found this post from somebody else. This will validate phone numbers: For the time validation, you can follow this article: https://howto.caspio.com/tech-tips-and-articles/common-customizations/separate-input-fields-for-datetime-parts/ Hope this helps
  20. The previous response was correct. So instead of Javascript, you just need to redirect the submission form on the same form. On Exit, you should set the fields to pass the parameter. You should also enable On Load to receive an external parameter. And right, this also works on List Strings. Hope this helps.
  21. Hi @SteveT, For the Update Action on Import, what it does to update the table provided that they have a Unique Field. If there are new records in the file you're importing, you should use the Append actions. If you're updating and adding new records, you'll be using two actions: Append and Update. https://howto.caspio.com/tables-and-views/importing-data/ However, these actions do not have the ability to delete the records that are not in the imported table, REPLACE can. If you replace the table, it only means that you are overwriting the table. Hope this helps.
  22. I think there can be an easier way here. If you're using the same style as the buttons, might as well hide the ID instead of the class, so you can use the class when creating the button. You can hide the ID of the element, something like this: input[id^='Submit']{display: none !important;} so you can create this button>  <input type="submit" name="Submit" value="Submit" class="cbSubmitButton">  <a href="REDIRECTION LINK"><button class="cbSubmitButton">Choose Again</button></a> This would work the same, just avoiding that extra effort to restyle the button. ❤❤ @kpcollier, when you put in the code> display: none, this should hide the button. If you are using responsive code, you may want to add this piece of code inside the media query. Maybe that will help. Glitch();
  23. Awesomesauce. Thanks @DefinitelyNot31337!
  24. Hi there, I am creating a Calendar DataPage. I want highlight the days that have passed prior to today's date. Something like this. Is this possible? Thanks.
  25. How about enabling inline insert, so you can directly add from the Tabular DataPage if there is no existing records? This may save you from using two DataPages. https://howto.caspio.com/datapages/reports/data-editing-options-in-reports/
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