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  1. Hi! Is it possible to set the minimum length reuirement for Text (255) field? For example, I have a search forms with lot numbers from different sources, however all of them are 5 or more characters. Is it possible to return an error message if the user tries to enter less than 5 characters into the Lot number field?
  2. The default exis title is vertical: The Label direction settings only change the marking direction, but not the title direction: Is there any way to tilt the title too?
  3. Is it possible to add "Remember me" checkbox so users would not need to enter their data every time they go to the deployed page?
  4. I have found a good solution to format a phone number in JS Format Phone Number article, however this worked only for one field. Is there any way to apply this formatting for multiple fields? Another question: in the search field I have an e-mail field and I need it to be verified before the Search button is pressed. Is it posible?
  5. It is possible to set checkmark condition using Calculated Value. The field should be set as Calculated Value The basic formula to set the condition is: CASE WHEN [@field:IntegerValue]=100 THEN 'X' ELSE 'Y' END For Yes/No field, the boolean value us 1/0. However, to make it work properly, the field should receive BIT value. So, CAST function should be applied: CASE WHEN [@field:IntegerValue]=100 THEN CAST(1 as bit) ELSE CAST(0 as bit) END
  6. Sometimes deploying to Wordpress may result in Caspio DataPages looking not as expected with broken alignment, glitching buttons and weird borders. This happens due to Wordpress having its own set of styles which interfere with styles provided by Caspio. To avoid such issues, it is possible to find style conflicts and edit styles manually. For example, to make tables look normal, it is possible to add such user-defined style: table td, table th { border: none !important; } Alternatively, it is possible to import and apply the style attached here which contains small modifications eliminating most of the glitches caused by Caspio vs. Wordpress styles. Any better ideas? Wordpress_Styles.zip
  7. Caspio apps can be deployed virtually to any web hosting. HTM, iFrame and .Net deployment is working on most hostings: iFrames are commonly used with Wix: https://support.wix.com/en/article/guidelines-and-limitations-of-the-html-code-and-embed-a-site-elements GoDaddy is just a web hosting, so without Site Builder it is up to you to chose how to deploy the app. Site Builder supports HTML with JS: https://www.godaddy.com/help/add-scripts-and-html-7684 So, you can use the default Embed code as described in Deployment instruction: https://howto.caspio.com/deployment/
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