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  1. Hello, you can create a task that will run everyday at 12AM, where the condition of the task will be first you need to create a Date/Time field or a timestamp (depending on your workflow), then compare that field to the current date and if the field matches as today, the task will run.
  2. Hi guys, I would like to share this with you. Since there is an existing tech tip: https://howto.caspio.com/tech-tips-and-articles/advanced-customizations/how-to-add-a-time-limit-to-submission-forms/, I would also like to provide a possible alternative without using JavaScript and just relying on with Caspio's standard feature: Initial Requirements: -One Table containing the records for the data. Inside the table, you’ll need at least one unique field, and two Date/Time fields for your Start date and End date. (Screenshot: ) -Three Deployed DataPages: 1 Submission form, 1 Single Update Record, 1 Reports Form. DataPage configuration steps: 1. From the Submission Form DataPage, select the Start Date Date/Time fields from your available fields. Make sure to check the ‘On exit, pass ID and formula fields as parameters for us to get the duration time possible. ( ) 2. From the Configure fields, set the form element of the Start Date to TimeStamp. ( ) 3. From the Destination Options, select ‘Go to a DataPage’ as the destination after record submit. Select the Single record update DataPage as the destination of the submission form and click finish. 4. From the Single Record Update DataPage, go to the Record Identification and select the record with the unique field. Set the parameter name as [@insertRecord + field name + ]. ( ) 5. Similar with the configurations of the submission form, retrieve the End Date Date/Time field and set the form element to TimeStamp as well. 6. From the Destination Options, select ‘Go to a DataPage’ as the destination after record update. Now, select the reports DataPage as the destination of the Single Record Update DataPage and click finish. 7. Configuring your tabular Reports DataPage, configure the filtering fields and receive the unique field as the DataPage element and receive the value or parameter on load. ( ) 8. From the Configure results page fields, add a calculated field with the following formula: DateDiff (ss, [@field:StartDate], [@field:EndDate]) . Change the StartDate and EndDate to the name of your actual field. The formula gets the seconds between the two dates before submission and after the update form was created (Get more at https://howto.caspio.com/function-reference/). Verify if the formula will work and if valid, click finish and test the DataPage. 9. Deploy all the three DataPages and start submitting the record from the submission form. I hope this helps.
  3. The backgrounds are blending in with the background color of the page (white). Change it by going to the 'Background options' within "Fields" under the "Form/Details" section of the Styles and change it according to your preference.
  4. My workaround for that is these two links: https://howto.caspio.com/tech-tips-and-articles/advanced-customizations/automatically-add-options-to-dropdowns-and-listboxes/ https://howto.caspio.com/tech-tips-and-articles/advanced-customizations/add-an-option-to-a-public-facing-dropdown/
  5. One other thing, if you only want that style to be applied to a specific DataPage only, you can find the class name again and place this in the DataPage header: <style> [class*="cbResultSetTableCell"] { text-transform: none !important; } </style> I hope this helps.
  6. You can find the class of that style from the style part of your Styles. Just go to Styles > Edit the Style and go to Source. Find the code that looks like this: text-transform, and remove that style. That should be able to make your texts in normal cases.
  7. This may also help: https://howto.caspio.com/styles/. This is applicable for all the standard style edit of your DataPage. I hope this helps guys.
  8. Hello, I just want to share with you guys that even if you have a default style with your Caspio DataPage, it will sometimes mimic the default style of your current host website. So let's say you currently have a theme from Weebly, even if you are making the other button as with the style in relations with your DataPage, it will still follow the default CSS theme of your weebly template. As a workaround, you can just either place !important to your DataPage styles, or you can always change the template of your weebly or edit the website's default CSS.
  9. Hello, yes you can! I found out this workaround while I was toying around with the PDF settings. You can actually go to the PDF settings from the DataPage and add the timestamp to either the header or the footer of the PDF by using the field picker.
  10. In addition with this, you might be wondering why some of the interface works well with your Desktop but not in mobile, especially in an iPhone. You can find related articles here: https://howto.caspio.com/tech-tips-and-articles/mobile-iphone-ipad-android/ to modify your website according to the mobile view of your preference.
  11. For some higher plans, it is also convenient that they have the PDF feature where it lets you print your data with one click from the Reports DataPage. I also find the API integration convenient as I used to have some of my data from a third party software and I had to migrate those information as well. Instead of manually submitting the information, I was able to get those data into Caspio in no time (If you do not have the time and knowledge to connect your account to third party using API, you can have this done by their Professional Services team at a certain cost). I am also fond of the Payment Integration as I also have an order submission form and it lets me get customer's payment securely.
  12. Hi @joneslovescaspio, I contacted Caspio Support and they have replicated the issue for me which I no longer need to do it myself as well. Here are their steps of Replication: 1. We have created 2 DataPages (Test Replace, and Test Replace_1) and configured them differently. 2. Then, we selected 'Test Replace_1' and selected More > Replace, from the DataPage. 3. We were able to select 'Test Replace' and confirm the replace of the configurations of the DataPage from Test Replace_1 to Test Replace. Upon success of Replace: All of the configurations from 'Test Replace_1' DataPage are transferred to the 'Test Replace' DataPage. I have also attached their confirmation dialog box for reference. I hope this helps.
  13. I think you can make charts responsive by making the height and width as Auto from the configurations. Hope this helps.
  14. Just paste this code on your header: &emsp; -is inserting a tab space between a word.
  15. You can use each element only one time under actions. So if you have already selected an element or a section to be hidden that cannot be used again. But you should be able to access each individual field if you have not chosen them yet, so you can hide field in one rule and section in another.
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