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  1. There are a lot of users who are asking for the different paths as to how they can use Radio buttons lol so here's the link: https://howto.caspio.com/datapages/forms/form-element-types/ Anyway, I think I have also created a detailed article for dropdown here: https://forums.caspio.com/topic/8809-dropdown-article/?do=findComment&comment=27236
  2. In addition to what Kristina is saying, I heard that there were also a lot of people with good feedback on their Managed Application Services, here's the link: https://www.caspio.com/services/managed-application-services/
  3. Hi, one of the reasons why this happens are maybe users are abusing Caspio's fields. Some of them are using text fields as placer for the Passwords so they would be able to collect sensitive information from a user. In my experience before if this happens, you can contact Caspio Support and they will be the ones who will suspend this on your behalf.
  4. Make sure to re-check your current workflow if you are still pulling the correct data from your table/view. Further, the picker might help as like what @AtayBalunbalunan said but if your desired field cannot be found, you can re-create it but just make sure that you are typing the correct syntax.
  5. Been trying to find that reference. It's here: https://howto.caspio.com/faq/web-forms/how-to-disable-html-editor-in-datapage-headerfooter-and-html-blocks/
  6. This is a good workaround. But I think this is only exclusive within Caspio's DataPages itself. I tried re-creating this but the content that I will be searching would be the objects in my deployed website but unfortunately, it did not worked for me. Though this is a very useful feature, note that this cannot be done (the search function) that will search for every keywords in your deployed website. Hope this little bit of information helps. :)
  7. Hi @ttanemori, You will have to create a separate lookup table for your users such as this one: You will also need a checkbox where it is pointed to the newsletter in which they will need a task that when that field is check, it will send an email. The task should be able to look like this: Expected result:
  8. Hello guys, I found out that aside from displaying a no records found from the DataPages, you can also choose to redirect your DataPages via Localization. You can input a custom javascript, HTML, or CSS in the custom text of the localization. Here is an example, instead of displaying "No records found", I tested to place a java script redirection and it worked! Hope this helps in your future workflows. Code: <script> { window.location = "insert URL redirection here"; } </script>
  9. If this doesn't fir your PDF needs, this is a related workaround:
  10. Inside the Configure PDF settings General Options From the General Options of your PDF, you will have a list of standard configurations as to how you would like your PDF to look like such as the Orientation, Page Size, Margins, Default Behavior, Header Height, and Footer Height. You can also choose to set the PDF report's default behavior, you can choose between Saving your file or Opening it in a new window or tab and you can set the PDF to automatically set a page break every number of records of your preference if enabled. PDF Custom Header and Footer Customize your Header and Footer content within the configuration settings.
  11. This article provides elaborate demonstration for the PDF Report function of Caspio. Note that this is only available in the Reports and not in the submission form. Selecting as Download Options PDF download option is available in all Report DataPages, including Pivot Tables and Combined Chart and Reports. This option allows your app users to download the displayed Report DataPage as a PDF file. You can also find this information from one of the Release notes article: https://howto.caspio.com/release-notes/caspio-bridge-13-0/ Customization If your PDF is enabled as a Download option, you can actually set and customize it according to your preferences. Just click the icon beside it to check the default configuration of the PDF.
  12. I also have a sample task here that shows runs today. If the specific date matches today, it will send a notification email.
  13. In addition to this, I have created a useful discussion regarding Dropdown:
  14. I think this is an additional security steps that were created by Apple and is not in relation with Caspio's side. But so far, the authentication of Caspio has never been an issue for me as I verified the security measures that Caspio implements. I read it here: https://blog.caspio.com/how-caspio-delivers-data-security-and-compliance-across-industries-and-regions/
  15. Hi @joneslovescaspio, When you say the the connection is successful, I think that only means that the connection between the OneDrive and Caspio has already been established and it doesn't necessarily say that the path is also successful. Making sure that the connection is okay is a good habit of verifying it but you also need to check if the file exists or the file is inside your OneDrive folder account. More reference: https://howto.caspio.com/tables-and-views/scheduled-import-and-export/scheduled-import-task/
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