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  1. Sure! Just make sure that you have another field for the leave type with text datatype and you can create the formula similar to this: CASE WHEN [@field:Leave_Type] = 'Vacation' THEN DateDiff(Day, [@field:Start_Date], [@field:End_Date]) ELSE 0 END
  2. Hello @EmmePGN, You're welcome! You can invert the configurations of the logic that I previously created by changing it to 'Not Equal to'. In that case, if they are not the value that is being asked by the Criteria, then they will not be shown by default. Rule 1 should be: And Rule 2 should be: Again, this is the DataPage link for reference: https://c1abz415.caspio.com/dp/8c4b60004a5c4be1405d4d928e4f
  3. Hello @taylorswiftlover, You can use the DateDiff function. Follow the formula here: DateDiff(Day, [@field:Start_Date], [@field:End_Date])
  4. Hello @EmmePGN, I think you don't need custom JavaScript if you are trying to achieve the initial question. You can simply sandwich the fields using section. Here's what I did: 1. Configure the fields based from your requirements and added the necessary section: 2.) Rule 1 should look like this: 3.) Rule 2 should be like this: This is my DataPage: https://c1abz415.caspio.com/dp/8c4b60004a5c4be1405d4d928e4f
  5. Just to also add, you can easily contact Caspio Support Team @ https://www.caspio.com/support
  6. Hi @sleavitt, I have also experienced similar issues and I contacted Caspio Support regarding my issue. They have provided me with some helpful questions that really helped a lot and I would like to share it to you so I can also offer help: 1. How many times does this problem occur? Does this apply to all of the users accessing the page using the same browser that you are using? 2. What is the browser that you are using? Provide us browser version, etc. 3. Can I have the DataPage or the URL and more steps to walk through with your issue? Test username and password will do if it's authenticated. 4. Have you tried clearing up your browser cache? This normally solves quick issues with some issues related to browser access. Hope you can answer.
  7. In line with the above, you may also want to check this article: https://howto.caspio.com/datapages/forms/password-recovery-forms/
  8. For those who are still here, I wanted to share my own documentation of PDFs:
  9. Only standard features of PDF available from reports
  10. Just to add links for reference, here's: https://howto.caspio.com/web-services-api/
  11. You just need to Export all of them from files. Just go to Account > Export Data (records and files) and select the folder that you want to download.
  12. Hi, if there are no criteria or requirement and it is a simple delete, then you might want to check this sample that I made out:
  13. You may be referring to the limit of series from the charts:
  14. What pattern are you referring to? Maybe this article can help you: https://howto.caspio.com/datapages/charts/
  15. One thing I noticed from orphan file cleanup It may take up to 24 hours for the table, "CB_Orphan_Files", to appear in All Assets/Tables. When automatic Orphan File Cleanup is activated, every night Caspio Bridge runs a background process on your account that generates a list of all your orphan files, and stores the list in a special table named CB_Orphan_Files. With the automatic mode, all records in CB_Orphan_Files have their Remove field automatically checked. They are available for your review for 24 hours, but are automatically deleted at the next execution of the process. When Orphan File Cleanup is in manual mode, you will be able to review the records listed in the CB_Orphan_Files table, and to check the Remove field of any file that you no longer need. If you do, the file will be physically deleted the next time the cleanup process runs. Learn more about Orphan File Cleanup at this article: https://howto.caspio.com/files-and-images/orphan-file-cleanup/
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