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    SinJunYoung reacted to DesiLogi in Time Picker code that works on submission form not working on Details View Update   
    I took some code from one of Caspio's demo apps (an appointment scheduler) to create a Time Picker on a Submission form. This works great, allowing far more detailed calendar scheduling than just using the date without a time. The issue is when the user needs to edit the date/time from the Calendar, in Details view. The code doesn't work in this case. I've changed the 'InsertRecord' part to 'EditRecord' but that doesn't seem to make a difference. Is there some difference to calling the code from the Update button vs a Submission button? Any help would be greatly appreciated. 
    Below is the process and code in the Submission form's footer. I need to modify it to work in a Calendar's Detail view: 
    a) the user selects a Date from the calendar popup for field Virtual6 (set to Text).
    b) the user then clicks this link in an html block to open the Time Picker: <input type="time" name="time" class="timeClass"  id="timepicker"/>
    c) on Submission the code below runs to combine the date from Virtual6 and the time from the Time Picker into the actual Date/Time field TasksTimeine_CalDate.
    ****I need this code to work on a Calendar's Detail View Update. 
    <script type="text/javascript"> var datefield=document.createElement("input"); datefield.setAttribute("type", "time"); if (datefield.type!="time") { //if browser doesn't support input type="time" document.addEventListener("DataPageReady", function () { $('#timepicker').timepicker({ timeFormat: 'HH:mm', interval: 1, minTime: '00:00', maxTime: '23:59', defaultTime: '6', startTime: '00:00', dynamic: false, dropdown: true, scrollbar: true, timepicker: true, datepicker: false, stepHour: 1, stepMinute: 1, timeInput: true, showHour: true, showMinute: true, pickerTimeFormat: 'hh:mm tt' }); }); } document.getElementsByName('Submit')[0].onmouseover = function(){ var date = document.getElementById('cbParamVirtual6').value; if(date == "") { date = "1/1/2011"; } var ampm = document.getElementById('timepicker').value; document.getElementById('InsertRecordTasksTimeline_CalDate').value = date + " " + ampm; }; </script>  
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    SinJunYoung reacted to DesiLogi in Time Picker code that works on submission form not working on Details View Update   
    Got it figured out, after all. If anyone needs this solution. On the Calendar's Detail page, change the line:
    document.getElementsByName('Submit')[0].onmouseover = function(){ 
    document.getElementsByName('Mod0EditRecord')[0].onmouseover = function(){ 
    And also change 
    document.getElementById('InsertRecordTasksTimeline_CalDate').value = date + " " + ampm; to
    document.getElementById('EditRecordTasksTimeline_CalDate').value = date + " " + ampm; This will find the Update button by name and use it to run the code above in the footer. 
    This will give you a great Calendar--the user can set times for their appointments like on a normal calendar. 
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    SinJunYoung got a reaction from taylorswiftlover in Set the default value as checked for Yes/No DataType in the table   
    Hey @taylorswiftlover,
    Yes, this is possible. On a table level, I have tried them using Triggered actions:

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    SinJunYoung reacted to Mitch in Formula field - add leading zeros to numeric value   
    Thanks to both of you.  Learned a  lot here.  Great to be a new member with such helpful fellow members!
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    SinJunYoung got a reaction from Leon13 in Change color of the column in chart   
    Hello, you can also try getting the nth child but will be a static change of color display. But since the chart will always return the blank in the first line, we can always modify the 1st one to be set as orange. Try pasting this to the header as well:
    rect.highcharts-point.highcharts-color-0:nth-child(1) {
        fill: #ffd3a8;
    If you want  to also apply different colors to the other values, change the bold number to any desired  displayed number  and it should work as expected. 
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    SinJunYoung got a reaction from Sonamroy in Camera only option   
    Hello, from your file upload options, you can only have the option to also get the mobile camera based on what phone you are using. However, disabling the file upload option is not available as a standard feature. Here in this article: https://howto.caspio.com/files-and-images/uploading-files-and-images/, you can only also choose to display the uploaded file as an image

    I hope this helps. 
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    SinJunYoung got a reaction from taylorswiftlover in Charts series   
    You may be referring to the limit of series from the charts: 

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    SinJunYoung got a reaction from Meekeee in Move chat box   
    If you are referring to the Live Help icon beside your table, you may simply click the icon and the chat pop up should appear afterwards. You may drag the chat away from the view of your table and minimize it afterwards. I do chats a lot and I think support already knows me already hahahaha   Screenshot:
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    SinJunYoung reacted to Glitch in 90-Day Password Expiration   
    Hi there!
    The previous reply is correct, you need to have the Last Update field. However, I think Javascript is not necessary. JS would probably be my last option on workarounds. 

    So, how can you do this without Javascript?
    You can use Tasks to send out email for the users who has outdated Email. You can set it up like this: (You can change the conditions based on your requirement)

    On the Message Body, you can put in the link of the DataPage that will enable the users change their passwords. 
    Of course, you can add some actions in the task as well, like for example, once a user does not change the password after 90 days, this user will be inactive (using checkboxes prolly)

    Hope this helps();
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    SinJunYoung got a reaction from Barbie in World of Warcraft: Caspio Guild Applications   
    Hello @Subtlety, 
    I think this depends upon what that public forum is trying to achieve. In some cases, Caspio does have a certain feature which you can use but in some, it may require custom codes or in some cases complex ones. Well, for you to better understand Caspio, I think they have their trainings and other stuff that you can utilize. I believe it's here https://www.caspio.com/training. They are conducted during the weekdays and they are free. 
    There are also some features that you may want to check such as Authentication, API Integration, etc. at https://howto.caspio.com.
    Also, I think it is better if you try to fill out the form of their Professional Services team at https://www.caspio.com/services/professional-services/
    I hope this helps you. 
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    SinJunYoung got a reaction from kpcollier in Standard PDF Feature   
    This article provides elaborate demonstration for the PDF Report function of Caspio. Note that this is only available in the Reports and not in the submission form. 
    Selecting as Download Options 
    PDF download option is available in all Report DataPages, including Pivot Tables and Combined Chart and Reports. This option allows your app users to download the displayed Report DataPage as a PDF file.  
    You can also find this information from one of the Release notes article: https://howto.caspio.com/release-notes/caspio-bridge-13-0/ 
      If your PDF is enabled as a Download option, you can actually set and customize it according to your preferences. Just click the icon beside it to check the default configuration of the PDF. 
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    SinJunYoung got a reaction from HeezyMeezy in Standard Feature Timed DataPages   
    Hi guys, 
    I would like to share this with you. Since there is an existing tech tip: https://howto.caspio.com/tech-tips-and-articles/advanced-customizations/how-to-add-a-time-limit-to-submission-forms/, I would also like to provide a possible alternative without using JavaScript and just relying on with Caspio's standard feature:
    Initial Requirements:
    -One Table containing the records for the data. Inside the table, you’ll need at least one unique field, and two Date/Time fields for your Start date and End date. (Screenshot:  ) 
    -Three Deployed DataPages: 1 Submission form, 1 Single Update Record, 1 Reports Form.
    DataPage configuration steps:
    1.    From the Submission Form DataPage, select the Start Date Date/Time fields from your available fields. Make sure to check the ‘On exit, pass ID and formula fields as parameters for us to get the duration time possible. (  ) 
    2.    From the Configure fields, set the form element of the Start Date to TimeStamp. (  ) 
    3.    From the Destination Options, select ‘Go to a DataPage’ as the destination after record submit. Select the Single record update DataPage as the destination of the submission form and click finish.
    4.    From the Single Record Update DataPage, go to the Record Identification and select the record with the unique field. Set the parameter name as [@insertRecord + field name + ]. (  )
    5.    Similar with the configurations of the submission form, retrieve the End Date Date/Time field and set the form element to TimeStamp as well. 
    6.    From the Destination Options, select ‘Go to a DataPage’ as the destination after record update. Now, select the reports DataPage as the destination of the Single Record Update DataPage and click finish.
    7.    Configuring your tabular Reports DataPage, configure the filtering fields and receive the unique field as the DataPage element and receive the value or parameter on load. (  )
    8.    From the Configure results page fields, add a calculated field with the following formula: DateDiff (ss, [@field:StartDate], [@field:EndDate]) . Change the StartDate and EndDate to the name of your actual field. The formula gets the seconds between the two dates before submission and after the update form was created (Get more at https://howto.caspio.com/function-reference/). Verify if the formula will work and if valid, click finish and test the DataPage. 
    9.    Deploy all the three DataPages and start submitting the record from the submission form. 
    I hope this helps. 
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    SinJunYoung got a reaction from taylorswiftlover in Function of Replace from DataPage   
    Hi @joneslovescaspio,
    I contacted Caspio Support and they have replicated the issue for me which I no longer need to do it myself as well.  Here are their steps of Replication:
    1. We have created 2 DataPages (Test Replace, and Test Replace_1) and configured them differently. 
    2. Then, we selected 'Test Replace_1' and selected More > Replace, from the DataPage. 
    3. We were able to select 'Test Replace' and confirm the replace of the configurations of the DataPage from Test Replace_1 to Test Replace.
    Upon success of Replace: All of the configurations from 'Test Replace_1' DataPage are transferred to the 'Test Replace' DataPage.
    I have also attached their confirmation dialog box for reference. I hope this helps.

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    SinJunYoung got a reaction from taylorswiftlover in Formula to get value in a table   
    Hi, I am assuming that you are trying to get the first value as it is your first name. If that's the case I think your formula should be somewhat as this:
    LEFT([@field:Name],CHARINDEX(' ',[@field:Name] + ' ')-1) 
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    SinJunYoung got a reaction from taylorswiftlover in Copy contents of Column   
    As of now, I don't think there's a standard feature that will let you to actually to this. However,  you can actually try and export this table (ideal if it is the same) and rename the column into your another newly created column and then re-import the data.
    I hope this works.
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    SinJunYoung got a reaction from taylorswiftlover in Updates   
    Hello, @joneslovescaspio. You can find the version release notes here: https://howto.caspio.com/release-notes/caspio-bridge-16-0/
    From there you can see different new features as well as upgrades and bug fixes in your Caspio bridge account. 
    Hope you dig in and find this information useful. 
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    SinJunYoung got a reaction from taylorswiftlover in Change owner email   
    Hello, you may want to access your email first and go to https://id.caspio.com/forgotpassword  to retrieve it. If you can't, you need to fill out a form along with supporting documents and send them to billing. Refer more in this article for more information: https://howto.caspio.com/managing-your-account/internal-users-groups-and-api-profiles/changing-account-owner/
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    SinJunYoung got a reaction from taylorswiftlover in I have a problem enabling edit records in a datapage   
    Hi @jonaslovescaspio, 
    I had the same issue as  yours from my past projects. Make sure to enable one of the Edit Records from the Results Page Editing Options of that Datapage. And then, go to the Configure Results Page field of the same DataPage and select the element that you want to become editable. There should be an additional tab named Editing. Finally, from the Grid and Inline Edit Options, mark the Allow field to be editable as checked.  
    I hope this one helps. 
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