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  1. I want to use tasks in my account where I would be able to send a reminder email if this specific date is met, this task will run.
  2. I want to be able to change the color of the field but I do not now if I should use a custom code or I just need to edit this in Styles. Please help.
  3. Hello, how can I make a dropdown where I can add optional values if the value that the user will choose is not included from the choices ?
  4. Hello, I want to turn off the all caps within the reports of my DataPage. The records from my table are not in caps but it seems to be applied by the current default style of the DataPage. Can you please help?
  5. Hello, in my PDF settings from reports, is it possible if we can add a timestamp for every report that will be downloaded?
  6. Hello, I just want to ask questions regarding Replace DataPage function. For better understanding, head over to the DataPages and choose between any of the existing DataPages and click on More. There is the Replace feature but I have no idea what that means. Can somebody from you guys explain that feature? I am hesitant to use that (but I may need it in the future) and I'm afraid that I will lose all the configurations of my data.
  7. I have a pivot table Report and I am on the "Add fields to the pivot table and configure their properties" page. I'm modifying the header field and I want certain number of blanks between fields. In the final report multiple blanks are being compressed to one. How do I force a blank in the header field?
  8. Also, when creating rules in a Datapage it is not always showing all sections as an ability to hide. My first rule allows each individual section to be hidden as required however when I try and create a second rule it does not show the same ability to hide each section as it did for the first rule.
  9. Hi, when I export a table with a list string datatype, I want to include values listed on my list string field. But when I export this data as CSV, I can only see the value of my fields and not all the options listed in the table design. Any ideas on how can I do this?
  10. Hi, can you add payment integration in tabular report data pages?
  11. I have submission forms that redirect to update forms on different pages. Is there anyway to have the update form on the same page as the submission form and still pass parameters? Submission page goes to a new URL and passes the information to the update data page on the new URL. I found out that this is causing my entire website to move slowly, the redirects. It is working it's just that redirecting to different pages is making everything slow on every page that links to my data page URLs. Which is basically every URL
  12. Other question, is there anyway to reference a field in an HTML Block? I am making an HTML table to control the layout of elements but I can't reference them? Like in calculated formulas, where you can reference another element but putting something like [@field:Name].
  13. ok, but i wish it will give the option to say when a field starts in the next column
  14. Just out of curiosity, if i have two columns and order top to bottom, when do i know when the fields will start going into the 2nd column? I never use columns because i don't understand when the fields start going into the next column.
  15. oops, does this also applies to the last 10 fields? I'll just make the LEFT to RIGHT?
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