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  1. Hello, Wondering if someone can provide me an answer to this. I know that when I set a DataType to TimeStamp, I can easily edit the timezone to its design: But when I use calculated field/value and use SysDateTime, how do I set its timezone?
  2. taylorswiftlover


    I get that the "From" of the messaging options is where you will set the notification to be coming from. But what does the "Reply-to" means? Just needed to clarify. Thanks.
  3. If I delete those messages, can they still be seen before 60 days?
  4. Hello, I have a value from the table that are HTMLs and I want them to be rendered as HTMLs, not string. Are there any good tips?
  5. Thanks. But I forgot to mention, I only wanted to calculate where all the leave type is set to 'Vacation'. If the value is something else, I can just place a zero or null or something. Will that work?
  6. Hello, I have two fields, Start Date and End Date. I want to create a Formula field that will calculate the number of days between the two dates. Can you help?
  7. I have a table with a column that has the locations of all my logos for a set of organizations. I would like to download all of them so that I can use them outside Caspio. Is this possible?
  8. Hello, I am very much not familiar with Triggered actions. But I think it is the only way for me to actually have my workflow to work. So currently, I have a table which are being accessed by many of our users. Now, they also have the ability to delete records. As much as I am giving them this privilege, I do not want the data to be deleted, but on delete, I want them to be transferred in an archived table. Is this achievable?
  9. It stops at a number of certain streaks and I need that to work and need it to be more
  10. Hello, I'm testing out the series in charts and my data seems to be stuck at a certain pattern. May you please help?
  11. Hi, I'm trying to generate a calculated value which is the maximum value among the four fields. Do you know how I can achieve that? MAX ([@field:Cp1]:[@field:Cp2]:[@field:Cp3]:[@field:Cp4]) that's the formula that I've been trying to use. Any help?
  12. Is there a way to use DatePart in a calculated field to show time only? I've been trying to use various DatePart functions but I cannot display the time only.
  13. I have a DataPage embedded and uploaded into my local HTML file. When I am trying some of the DataPages, some of them do not seem to load. Is this an expected behavior or should I set it up using a website that is live?
  14. I have multiple data pages that I wanted to combine them together so they become a single form data entry submission. May I know ways on how can I achieve this?
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