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  1. Thanks Glitchindoodle. I'll try this one.
  2. Hi there! I have a formula in my table, it doesn't seem to work. [@field: A] + [@field: B] So, these are actually text fields. So the values inside are currencies. $100, something like that. How would I be able to add them now? When I use the syntax above, it's only concatenating them.
  3. I want to change the font-size of all text in my report datapage can you help?
  4. taylorswiftlover

    scroll up

    I have many records and once I clicked next on the page navigation at the bottom of my report it stays at the bottom. I want it to automatically put me at the top of the reports instead of staying at the bottom
  5. Thanks, Barbie. I think this will help! xx
  6. Hello, I want to ask a question regarding the value of my Bar Charts: I have two values, named "one" and "two", I wanted my "One" to be displayed in percent, and "Two" in number. How do I do that?
  7. how do i move the chat box? It is obstructing my view of the table.
  8. How do I design my authentication? Like I wanted to have something in the upper part of my email and I want to place a picture or some texts.
  9. Hey, I've been trying to test out the link for the responsive DataPage, and the code must have been messing with the data since other than the being responsive works, it gets the fields distorted. I need help regarding this please.
  10. Hello, I have a list string DataType in which I have 50 states listed, I am including them in a search and wanted to select multiple states and get the results. It seems that when I select multiple values, there is always no records found. Please help
  11. I have a list of events from a List-String field (Events 1, Events 2, Events 3) where users can select as many values as they want. I also have a designated field for each values where users will be able to select the number of seats for reservation. If a user, let's say select "Events 1", the field designated for that will be shown. Here is my workflow: Events 1 field = No. of tickets for Events 1 field Events 2 field = No. of tickets for Events 2 field Events 3 field = No. of tickets for Events 3 field Please advise
  12. Hi, I have created this report DataPage but I want to make the fields as aesthetic as I can so I wanted to make it centered but I am not sure how. I wanted to just apply it here and not to other reports DataPages. Can you help? Thanks in advance!
  13. I have a question, can I still have other users in my account?
  14. Hi @Barbie, I am not sure if this is related with this topic but I want to know how am I getting the error message upon import 'File not found on remote site. Check the site settings of the file path and try again. ' What I'm doing is a scheduled import via OneDrive and then when I test that connection, it's okay but when I click on next I receive the error. What should I do?
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