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  1. I have a DataPage embedded and uploaded into my local HTML file. When I am trying some of the DataPages, some of them do not seem to load. Is this an expected behavior or should I set it up using a website that is live?
  2. I have multiple data pages that I wanted to combine them together so they become a single form data entry submission. May I know ways on how can I achieve this?
  3. Hello, I just want to ask why I cannot enable a particular field to respective Data Grouping. What are the instances where they are grayed out?
  4. Thanks but all of those are not enabled and the ajax is still grayed out.
  5. I need to disable my AJAX loading but it is grayed out, can you help?
  6. Hi, I am trying to retrieve an image inside a calculated field but even if I used the field picker, it seems to be not showing. How do I display it? Is there something missing?
  7. I get that I can set the colors of the values in to whatever I can choose to, but does this also apply when my records are dynamic?
  8. Hello, I am trying to place a Google Adsense in a Header and/or Footer of the DataPage. Question, is it possible?
  9. I have a questions regarding the DataPage option to show the search form and results on separate screens. How do I get back to the original search form? It doesn't seem to load the results on a separate screen but instead the same screen without an option to go back to the search screen. Are there any workarounds/ possible solution? Thanks.
  10. Thanks Glitchindoodle. I'll try this one.
  11. Hi there! I have a formula in my table, it doesn't seem to work. [@field: A] + [@field: B] So, these are actually text fields. So the values inside are currencies. $100, something like that. How would I be able to add them now? When I use the syntax above, it's only concatenating them.
  12. I want to change the font-size of all text in my report datapage can you help?
  13. taylorswiftlover

    scroll up

    I have many records and once I clicked next on the page navigation at the bottom of my report it stays at the bottom. I want it to automatically put me at the top of the reports instead of staying at the bottom
  14. Thanks, Barbie. I think this will help! xx
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