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  1. I have a submission form datapage with the checkbox "On exit, pass ID and formula fields as parameters" checked. On exit, the datapage redirects to a separate datapage with a report with edit capabilities. Each datapage is based on separate tables so simply put, I want to stamp the primary key from the first table as a foreign key in the 2nd table. My problem is, how do I receive the ID (primary key) in the 2nd datapage. I am pretty sure this should be configured as an external parameter but how do I format the value so that it inserts the ID from the first table? I can't select the ID anywhere in the datapages.
  2. For anyone trying to accomplish this it is really easy. No need to use the method on the link posted above. Just open your authentication object in Caspio Bridge and expand the Advanced settings. Then set the Timeout option to Other Webpage and enter your standalone login page location. Then once your dashboard/main app page has at least one datapage that requires authentication and the user is not logged in they will be redirected to your standalone login page.
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