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  1. i want to change this error from This DataPage is not configured for public access. (Caspio Bridge error) (50510) to "This DataPage is not configured for public access. (*Your company name* error) (50510)"
  2. Didier

    Iframe dynamic size

    Hi family, i am currently using the following code to set the height and width of the iframe deployment manually: <iframe name="Broker" title="Broker" src="https://c0dcv045.caspio.com/dp/aa4a60008d8bcb4785114729ba75" width=500 height=300>Sorry, but your browser does not support frames.</iframe> This is as given on caspio's site so i just adjust it to my datapage... However is very time consuming to have to pick and adjust the sizes everytime you deploy and given that the results will always grow as the system is used, the sizes must now be readjusted manually all the time. how do i set it to always fit the screen automatically, so that the sizes grow with the growing results.... much appreciated in advance
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