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  1. We do a lot of custom PDFs with Graphics, such as Insurance Policy Documents, Certificates, Invoices, and we generally custom code these, not using the standard Caspio PDF approach. The coding is not very complex, and I would be happy to share an example of the code. dtalbot@workmovr.com
  2. With Time Zones and Local Time, we use Google Maps to retrieve the Local Time and Time Zone and UTC Offset and then if necessary we use or display that local time. Then no need to do ongoing data maintenance of Time Zones, etc. Works well I have the code: dtalbot@workmovr.com
  3. Hi Slents: I think the need is to first create the PDF and then attach the PDF to the parent record. I don't see an easy way to make this "attach" link without using Caspio APIs and a server side program - for example in AWS. Because we are working with Caspio APSIs all the time, this would be our approach but it is not "Low Code". We could show you how we do it. David Talbot - dtalbot@workmovr.com
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    Email PDF

    Hi Jay: We do this quite a lot. For example, in one case we need to create a PDF Work Order and email to the fulfillment company, for each order that is ready to go. The fulfillment company does not have an API Set, so we need to email the PDFs. Once a day, we look at all the orders in Caspio flagged as "Ready", then we build a fairly graphically-rich Order PDF for each Order and email the Order PDF - one email per Order. We run daily task in AWS, and pick up the Order Details using Caspio APIs. Then we email using AWS Simple Email System. The AWS cost is trivial. You must have a Grow Account to get the Caspio API capability. We are happy to share the code David Talbot
  5. We use Stripe APIs directly for all our Caspio payments - we execute the Stripe APIs through AWS. In this fashion all the Stripe capabilities are available back to Caspio - including recurring subscription payments - this is a late answer but we can show you how to accomplish this. dtalbot@workmovr.com
  6. Hi AJ Mark - please contact me through our website https://www.umnitech.com/ David
  7. Zapier is good. You can also do this pretty easily with Twilio APIs if you are not using Zapier for other functions. We have the Twilio code code available if you want it David Talbot
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