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  1. Hello, I've seen posts before saying that an API is needed to validate an email address. Is there a way to do that without API? My workflow is simple. I'd like to check if the email address entered by the user is using our domain, for example, @samplejess.com. If the email addressed entered does not match that domain, then the submission will not push thru. How will I do that?
  2. I was trying to pass a parameter that contains an ampersand and I came across this forum post. None of the provided solutions worked for me. I understand that document.write is no longer supported in Caspio and I tried both @MayMusic's and @DefinitelyNot31337's posts, still no luck. I tried the following code as suggested. I can now receive the "&" symbol but it is displayed as "&amp". Is it expected? Is there a way to pass the "&" without adding "amp" text?
  3. Jess147

    Input Time

    That works. But I need to see the total per day. Any advise ?
  4. Jess147

    Input Time

    What if I want to get the total number of hours per day?
  5. Thank you for your answers! It really helped a lot. I have another question. I'm just curious, is there a limit on up to how many records can a trigger insert?
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    Great! Thanks!
  7. Jess147


    Another question. I have a submission form. I want my users to be able to enter a keyword on field1 then a values will be pre-populated, like a dropdown. Then, when the user select a certain value, field2 will also be pre-populated based on the selection on field1. Can you help me with this?
  8. Hi everyone. I have tabular report that has a column for prices. I use Totals and Aggregations to calculate the total of that column. I want the value on the total to be automatically inserted to a field on the other table. How will I do that? Thanks
  9. Hi, can you help me figure out what section I need to access to change the colors/customize colors in a chart?
  10. Jess147


    I want to have sms notifications on my my submission forms. But i see that only US numbers are supported. I have clients on other cpuntries. Any advice on how can I implement that?
  11. Having trouble setting up radio buttons I am working on a datapage but I do not know how to set up radio buttons correctly. I want my users to select a dish from a dropdown first. and based from their selection, there will be radio buttons that displays the options on which restaurant they might find the dish that they have selected. pls advise
  12. Is there a limit on how many IP addresses are allowed? What is the maximum?
  13. This works! Thanks a lot JolliBeng!
  14. Thank you! I'll try to do JavaScript
  15. How can I calculate the amount to be paid by customer? If user enters 1-amount is $5, if 2- $20, if 3- $35. TIA
  16. Is there a way to limit the number to be selected on a multi-select listbox?
  17. hi, im new here i want to deploy multiple datapages on one datapages but i dont want it to appear on top/bottom of each other. i want it to appear side by side how will i do that? please help
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