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  1. Greetings, I have a data set with a store with many locations Search form store name manager name Store A = 1 manager Store B = 1 manager Store C = multiple managers for example -CORRECT Store A 123 Somewhere Ave. wish, RR 80012 manager: Popicle Pop - CORRECT Store B 456 Summer Time Hopefully, DD 80014 Manager: Groovy Man The Problem: When I select Store C The results return all the stores assigned to Store C with manager names, however the stores name and address are duplicated, the manager names are unique.
  2. I have a gallery report datapage with a Search form and Results displaying on the same page in the results I am using a (specific data field) to link to the details page I want to create a custom link - (click here for Ingredients info) the user clicks on the custom link which takes user to another details page How do I set this up where the link is going to another details page? Any help is appreciated! Thank you --example-- Butter Pecan Ice Cream --> Link to Detail page (Specific data field) - THIS WORKS! 1234 Somewhere Lane City, state, 12345
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