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  1. When loading my report page it displays all the results from the blank fields by default. i'd like to make it load today's date results by default. i'd also like to know how to turn off the default results if nothing is entered into the search. thanks!!
  2. Not sure how to best handle this. I have a couple of issues. First is my top row (Date) is always used. Sometimes I need up to 20 copies of the second row (Customer) to submit a batch of entries at once. What's the best way to spawn additional Customer rows on the fly? Second - Say I'm able to spawn 3 of the customer rows (all the same). But upon submitting I'd like to have each row submitted as a new record in the table using the Date row as if each record was submitted separately. Not sure if I'm making sense so let me know. I've attached my datapage and my table screenshots. Thanks!
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