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  1. Good afternoon, We are a language school in the south-east of the UK teaching English as a foreign language to international students. When students visit the UK they stay in guesthouses in the area. We have around ~1000 students and around 400 addresses (homes) and will be continuing to grow. We are trying to create a system to help improve our workflow with various goals (things like, being able to extract data from fields and feed in to mail merge in Word for sending confirmation letters), and other more tricky tasks--- some students for example have pet allergies and so one goal is to create a filtering method of only making homestays available to that particular student based on their conditions (ie student has pet allergies so do not display any homes with pets in as options for accomodation). In my estimation these are more advanced tasks than what I've been watching video tutorials for on the introductions pages but I would think they are possible. For now though, we will probably be using our own discretion for deciding which student goes where. STUDENT DATABASE: Our school sees new students every week, so we want to create a form to add a new student, which I think I can do. I am aware that a lot of people using this platform are doing it for sales monitoring, producing reports, calculations. Some of which im sure will be useful to us longer term but for now: My task is to create a system that staff can use to : BOOKING SYSTEM: * Select a student * Pick a home address * Choose a room from within that address (each house can have multiple rooms) * Add that student to that address via a button (eg 'select/add to calendar'), and display a visual calendar (typical 28day layout) where we can pick START and END dates A system so that staff can enter that information, and be able to look back at it at a glance and see who is where, and when HOMESTAY DATABASE: I will be creating a table of : addresses, occupant owners name, postcode -but where I get confused is in how to break down this information: each house may have children living there already. I would like to be able to create a form which not only displays how many offspring are there, but to be able to show for example Number of children: 2 Child 1 SEX: M/F DOB: xx/xx/xxxx Child 2 SEX: M/F DOB: xx/xx/xxxx When it comes to data entry for these properties, I would like if possible to be able to present staff with a question: * how many children live here? they fill in a number, then a further box pops up asking : which sex? which age? would this be possible? The other challenge (more important) is regarding the number of rooms (and booking them): I need to show: * how many rooms are in the house * how many beds are in each room (and which bed type, eg single, or double) in a similar way, asking staff to complete: -how many rooms? eg staff enters '2' -- next question comes up, 'please enter room 1 details: how many beds?' staff enters '3' for example, then gets to tick single/double -then if possible, to show a calendar relating to that particular room, (either by a link./button?) or on the same form, showing availability I figure one way of doing it is as i say, to choose an address from a drop down, choose a student from a drop down and then add them from there, but if there are any other methods which could work I would be really greatful if anyone had any ideas. - has anyone here made such a system before? I want to add things like (allergy information, special dietary information) as searchable properties at some point later on so we can filter and match to houses but for now I just want to get a booking system set up if possible. I appreciate this is a long post, but I always think the more detail the clearer the picture. My coding knowledge is low, but I've been told that 'triggers' may be something needed for what I'm trying to do. I am capable of creating basic tables , but I would massively appreciate if anyone thinks this is possible and any tips or suggestions on how to pull it off. Thanks for your time reading, I look forward to working on this project and using Caspio as I think it can probably do what I;m trying to pull off. If anyone has any particular video tutorials that would be suitable for me, (I dont always know what im looking for) that would be great to learn also. Thanks everyone.
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