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  1. Today at least our update forms and result pages suddenly stopped receiving parameters. It appears at least on the latest Chrome 83.0.4103.116 and first only when browsed on incognito mode. Then it also happened on on Ipad and with normal Safari browsing and on incognito it worked (with Safari). We are on Wordpress but I also took these forms outside to another platform and it same goes on there. What and why could it be? This is very unfortunate because we are dependent on our forms to work. Now we had to seize our marketing and Caspio is trying to solve this issue. It is not the
  2. On the second sheet of your datapage make AJAX loading disabled. See if it helps.
  3. And then we probably need to change our server too because it is Lite Speed server for Wordpress installation. Because Caspio bridge via Apple is not working with Lite Speed cache or any other cache plugin than Jetpack. So basically we should change our theme and hosting for this.
  4. JetPack is totally new form me but I have to take a look since you are second person to recommend it because of this incident. Does using JetPack CDN mean that we should change our Theme too? Br, Vilho
  5. I wonder if this is also a Lite Speed cache plugin (Wordpress) related issue as this thred. Caspio asyncs it´s script by default and then something from cache plugin disturbs datapage from loading occasionally. When cache plugin is not on none of these errors occur. Br, Vilho
  6. @George43 I really wish you are right with what you say. I still have my doubts though because if any screenshot shows a picture of a text (as it shows in our case) "Click here to download this datapage" instead of Caspio datapage itself it also means as far as I know that that datapage has failed to completely load. It is not coming to appear on that session after that. So my hope and question is if Google Crawler is the only case when this happens? Br, Vilho
  7. Hi, Support replied to me: Our DevOps team has identified this as an issue caused due to Safari/iOS, rather than Caspio issue. They will have to do in-depth investigation of the issue across different iOS and iPhone versions which may take some time. We appreciate your patience. @TsiBiRu this also happens with Chrome browser but it has only being spotted on iOS. I still want to point out that my WP site cache plugin(s) seem to have something to do with this conflict since when I disable Lite Speed cache > parameters will work normally again on all devices. The issue with that app
  8. I have to say also that I have been a Caspio user from 2013 and earliest rumours from my clients that I have ticketed have been from 2014 and at that time I has no cache plugin. Users simply told that they did not receive any results. We did not find any device but now this is so so clear situation. Today I asked Caspio´s support team to test and they have replicated the issue. It is related to cache plugins (at least those which cache PHP), Caspio embedded datapages and it´s search results with Iphones and Ipads = Apple mobile devices. I am quite sure it is not just my website because wh
  9. Hi, Yes, I have tested with only a datapage url and submitted outside from my website and directed the results to the datapage - then no problem with Apple mobiles. BUT When I on exit pass a field value as parameter and receive it on the next datapage it fails on Iphones and some of the Ipads. At the same time I have to have Lite Speed cache or Total cache on. If I disable those it will work and results are to be seen. I can also confirm that this is not related to the newest WP release. Br, Vilho
  10. Hello, When submitting form and taken to a separate result page our datapage fails to show results on Iphone´s and some of the Ipads. I have come to the conclusion that it is the cache plugin that is creating this issue. I have tested with Lite Speed cache and WP Total Cache and both produce the same issue. We have also updated our Wordpress to 5.1 Please comment here and check if you possibly experience the same issue. Br, Vilho
  11. I wonder if some of our submission forms fail to load ocassionally. I see this happening when I look Google Ads account and see there examples of starting pages that are served to ad clickers. Since I recognised this I have tried to locate this insident with Crossbrowser testing and browserstack screenshots and live tests but it wont appear. Once though I caught myself a situation where datapage did not load and I refreshed and refreshed but it failed to load. When I cleaned the page cache it finally loaded. Do any of you guys know what is going on here? Is this really happening and perha
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