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  1. @TsiBiRu, @kpcollier & @MayMusic, It works perfectly. Thank you for the assistance.
  2. @TsiBiRu & @kpcollier Thanks, I have changed the element to a standard Dropdown and the elementID is not random anymore. Does this make it easier to provide a solution?
  3. Hi @TsiBiRu, No CMS present. Just a static HTML template. I don't quite follow you on "Special Elements". This submission form doesn't actually submit any data to tables. It is two virtual fields. One to receive the logged in user ID and another pulling items for the dropdown menu from a lookup table. Looks like the datapage was nested in another form. I have moved it into another div and now "caspioform" does show up on the deployed page. However, after adding you new suggestion, now as soon as the page loads, it redirects to the deployment URL instead of my application and continually loads and refreshes without any click. I think it is trying to load the default or placeholder which doesn't have any URL to redirect to
  4. @TsiBiRu, Yes it it a submission form. I did try disabling AJAX loading but the ID is still random. Here is the deployed URL: https://c5esh804.caspio.com/dp/b1c76000b16b1c0bcbb643b38c67 Test login: test@test.loc Test password: temp4321
  5. @TsiBiRu, I figured that is how you get the ID. Did all of that already but still does not work. I do see the ID cbParamVirtual1 but it is follow by an _ then a bunch of random letters and numbers like this: cbParamVirtual1_6a88102a3ff0a1 The sequence of letters and numbers also seems to be different from the preview and deployed datapage and changes on refresh. Any thoughts?
  6. @TsiBiRu This looks like it would work. Tried it but nothing happened. I am guessing I don't have the right 'dropdownID'. Where would I find this?
  7. TsiBiRu and MayMusic, appreciate the time you are taking to assist. TsiBiRu, this is much more than I need. My dropdown is already setup to redirect using the existing functionality of Caspio and it already works just fine to redirect after I select an option and CLICK the submit button...so none of this needs to be done in javascript. All I am trying to accomplish is to get rid of the submit button (already done with CSS) and make the dropdown automatically proceed with the redirect it is suppose to do when I select an option, any option. Unfortunately, my knowledge of javascript is inadequate that is why I am here seeking help. I think MayMusic's script is close but can be simplified for what I need. Any help greatly appreciated.
  8. Thank you MayMusic. Seems your script is setup to submit on a specific option, THISOPTION. Anyway to simplify the script so it submits on any selected option and not just one specific option? (sorry if that was not clear in the original post) Each of the options in the dropdown is already programmed to redirect to a specific page. Also, where would this script go?...I imagine I would add a header/footer block to the datapage and insert the script in the footer?
  9. I have a simple dropdown menu functioning as part of the navigation for my application. I have managed to hide the submit button with CSS. How would I make the dropdown auto submit when an option is selected...since there is now no submit button to click?
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