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  1. Hello! Please assist with the following problem. I am trying to input a default value into a Date/Time field, but I keep on receiving an error message. Please see the attached screenshot.
  2. Thanks Kristina! It works great! I was able to add additional search and criteria for minutes...
  3. I want to be able to search a table according to the criteria of a “From Time” (greater than equal to) and a “To Time” (less than equal to), the problem is that there is no option for Time, only Date AND Time. The result should be ALL records from all dates between the specified time. Eg. Created on (Timestamp) From 06h00 To 08h00 à display records created between 06h00 and 08hoo across all of table history. Currently I am using a submission form with a virtual field to pass the parameter to the search form. I have one Timestamp field and three Date/Time fields I wish to search. Is there any way to setup a criteria with only a time precision?
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