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  1. Hi @SunakoChan ... thanks. But that didn't work either. A lot more poking around and it was NOT being set by a Caspio style at all, {doh!}, it was being set by ... tbody tr:nth-child(even) { background: #F1F1F1; } ... in the CSS of the parent theme to the child theme I'm using in WordPress. I was able to override it using: #myUserInfoSnippet tbody tr:nth-child(even) { background: transparent; } Thanks everyone! :0)
  2. Thanks @kpcollier I tried that, also with no success. #myUserInfoSnippet [class*=cbFormTableEvenRow] { background-color: transparent; } (The reason I don't want to make a new Caspio Style is that then I'd have to maintain any other Caspio Style changes in two places: the main Style and the modified Style for this one DataPage. Much cleaner maintenance-wise to just override this one instance via CSS.)
  3. I have a Details DataPage with two sections. I want both to have the same background as the first section. I've tried the suggested CSS overrides for .cbFormTableEvenRow (and more which shouldn't be needed, to my way of thinking) and am having no success. Anyone have ideas on what I'm doing wrong? <table data-cb-name="cbTable" id="cbTable_69d4f79f110319" class="cbFormTableCellspacing_69d4f79f110319 cbFormTable_69d4f79f110319" role="presentation"> <tbody> <tr class="cbFormTableRow_69d4f79f110319"> <td colspan="2" class="cbFormDataCell
  4. @kpcollier ... thanks for the info. I'll pop on over to the Ideabox. [Edit] Added a suggestion if anyone wants to vote it up. :0)
  5. How do we use application parameters in TASKS? For instance, we will want to generate reports on a pre-set basis (e.g. daily, weekly, etc) to be sent from a particular email that's used application-wide and to another particular email that's used application-wide. From_Email and SendReportsTo_Email would be the application parameters. But when I try to put the application parameters into the task input fields, they won't validate. I can use them in DataPages, e.g. for password recovery and submission acknowledgements. Very frustrating to not be able to use them in tasks as well. So s
  6. @SunakoChan ... thanks, that worked beautifully! (Except for having to essentially recreate the entire page / rules / etc. as a "details page" instead of a "single record update form" -- sure wish Caspio had more consistency with how things work across page types, or would (much more simply) allow us to set display type on calcuated and virtual fields anywhere they appear.)
  7. Hi @douvega The number of records to be created wasn't the issue. It was the number of cascading triggers that caused the error. All resolved. Thanks though, APIs are an area I need to explore soon regardless. :0)
  8. Good morning :0) I have an Single Record Update DataPage that pulls in a list of information from another table using a query in a virtual field calculated value formula. This is great as far as it goes, I get the data I'm expecting and with the HTML tags (unordered list) I need. But I WANT (need ; have ; would really be best) to be able to display that resultant listing as HTML and I can't find a way to do that. How do I make Caspio bend to my will? {insertEvilLaughterHere}
  9. @bbeshlian ... awesome sauce!
  10. This is how I created what I call a "User Logged In Info Snippet" which also functions as the site's login/logout function. I used an HTML DataPage that has only the info I want to show and pulls in logged in user's first name, last name, and role, then provides the logout link. I put the deploy script for that DataPage into the header on the website. It would be possible to use a DataPage without authentication (so it does NOT show the login fields when the user is logged out) but I'm not so sure you'd be able to get to any Caspio data external to a DataPage entirely.
  11. The thing I find most limiting on the free account is that DataPage limit. Even running into it being an issue on a paid plan due to the number of pages we need. A DataPage is a way of displaying or manipulating the data within a table or a view. There's no limit to the number of tables or views or tasks that you have behind the scenes. Just the number of DataPages that are used to expose your data for use. Say you have three tables. To create a form to add a record to the first table, well that will take one DataPage. If you want to be able to have your users edit those records they
  12. Hi @Hencoco What @Alison offers works great if you want a static date as your default. Another option, if you want the "current date" value to be populated by default, is to use: On Load receive value or parameter, external parameter, and put [@cbTimeStamp*] into the field.
  13. I can't see all the logic for your criteria, but it looks like the outer container for all of them is an OR based on it's coloration. If taht's correct, if any one of the AND sets is matched the logic will return data based on that match regardless of the MBO value. Are you wanting the MBO value to ALWAYS have impact? If so, you need another level of nested logic --> an AND as the outer countainer with its children being the MBO entry and the OR that contains currently contains all the rest. Also, you have the MBO parameter set to "if empty, ignore criteria". Which begs two quest
  14. I can't help any with the bulk auto-submit, but once you get it working you can hide the submit button by putting the following into the footer of the DataPage: <script> document.getElementsByName('Mod0EditRecord')[0].style.display = 'none'; </script>
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