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  1. Thanks so much Lynn!! So we don't need to worry because we'll have less amount of files.
  2. Can anyone help me with this ASAP??
  3. Hi, thanks for the answer but my main question is if there's a point where you've seen that the apps start to slow down. For example: having 10 GB in the app...
  4. Hi, Is there a limit of MB stored in an application that would cause performance issues on the DataPage? (Freezing, slow load, etc) I have to store several PDF files. The amounts are approximate: Less than 1 MB each file 5,000 files 5 GB in total We have the Professional license that has 7,000 MB for storage so for that part there's no problem. Thanks!
  5. Hi, I want to block from editing (display only) a field if the user has already entered the value. In my case, the user has to enter a tentative delivery date, that once entered, can't be changed. As far as I know: You can either enable/disable a field on the DataPage but that configuration is static. You can use conditional rules on the details page but when I try that, there's no option to block (disable from editing) the same field you use on the condition You can only use conditional rules on the details page and not on the results page. I need to apply it on both due to the grid result editing. Is there a way I can do this?
  6. Hi, I would like to change the grid editing table header background color but I can't find the section on the Style code or a script that works on the header.
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