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  1. @FranchiserHello, I am looking to do something very similar to this and I wondered if you could please help me? I went to the configure results page and added an HTML block and in the script I wrote: (my first field is WristbandID) <script> function SetFocus() { if (!document.getElementById) { return; } var WristbandID = document.getElementById("WristbandID"); if (WristbandID != null) { WristbandID.focus(); } } SetFocus(); </script> But nothing seems to happen as a result. Have I done something wrong there or does anyone have any other suggestions? Thanks, Dawn
  2. Hi @Meekeee, Thanks for coming back to me. Essentially I just want to have a table that shows a 1 under each date to show that a room is needed for that person on that night. This is the way the hotel expects to receive the rooming list so I would like to try and do this in Caspio rather than manually offline. So if the check in date is 25th Jan, I need a 1 in a column that's named 25th Jan and then every night until the check out date. Hope that makes sense but please let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks, Dawn
  3. Hi All, I am wondering if someone might be able to help me. I am trying to make a rooming list in Caspio and I am struggling a bit with Syntax of Caspio formulas. I need to put a "1" in each column where the check in date is less than or equal to that night's booking date and check out date is more than that night's booking date. My formula in Excel looks like this: =IF((AND($D19<=J$1,$E19>J$1)),1,0) Where D19 is check in date and J1 is the night in question and E19 is Check Out Date. Is there a way to do this kind of calculation within caspio? Thank you so much in advance if anyone can help! Dawn
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