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  1. Hi, I am having a basic issue that I am sure there's a way to handle. Zapier is importing data into a structure that I am not sure how to transform. See the below example. In the Caspio table that is integrated with Quickbooks Online, column A is a date. Column B lists my vendor name. Column C lists two dollar amounts. I have a record in Caspio as follows: Column A: 4/18/19Column B: Joe SmithColumn C: $125; $50; How do I expand these rows so that these are distinct records?Let's say I want to create a data page and only show records >$100 How do I do that? Or, if I want to show distinct rows in a data page for the above example. How do I show the following:4/18/19 Joe Smith $1254/18/19 Joe Smith $50I want to show two different line items, whether in the table or in a DataPage.
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