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  1. I'm making a job site inspection app kind of like this example from Caspio https://howto.caspio.com/pre-recorded-live-training/build-an-inspections-management-application/ I will have different questions that will have a drop down for "In Compliance", "Out of Compliance" and "NA" which is easy enough to make. My user would also like a option to attach a picture or comment to questions if needed. Overall the app will have probably around 150 questions so I dont really want to have picture and comment fields for each question since usually they only attach pictures and comments t
  2. I have javascript in my footer to change the colors if the data is within a certain range, is there anyway to have this work with the pdf download also? Or is there a way to have the colors print out?
  3. I figured it out, if anyone needs it in the future here is the code I used. <script> document.querySelectorAll(`[action*="[@cbAppKey]"] .cbResultSetCalculatedField`).forEach(function(elem) { if(elem.innerHTML < Math.abs(10)) { elem.style.backgroundColor = "red"; elem.style.color = "white"; } else if(elem.innerHTML >= Math.abs(11) && elem.innerHTML <= Math.abs(49)) { elem.style.backgroundColor = "orange"; } else if(elem.innerHTML >= Math.abs(50) && elem.innerHTML <= Math.abs(100)) { elem.style.backgroundColor = "yellow"; } else { e
  4. I am trying to have my tabular report change the background and font color if the calculated values are within certain ranges. Example if value is below 10 I would like the field to be red background white font, if the value is 11-49 orange background and white font, 50-100 yellow background. Anything above 100 is no style. The following code in placed in the footer works great for all four calculated fields at once to turn below 10 into red but I can't figure out how to do white font and also add the other "If else" statements to work for all the ranges. <script> doc
  5. Is there a way in a tabular report grid mode or edit mode to automatically select all the text in the field by just clicking on the field? Like excel does with cells? That way a user clicks the field to change the data and they don't have to manually highlight all the data to replace or delete it. Thank you!
  6. @kristina Sorry for the delay here is the URL, in the first drop down please select CLEV to get data. https://c0abx108.caspio.com/dp/9cf55000189fa03392bf4405bfc2 It's like its not shirking to fit the grid edit into the 100% like it does for the normal report. Thanks again for your help!
  7. @kristina Thanks for the quick response, still not having any luck after putting that code into the header. Any other ideas by chance? Thanks!
  8. I can't get my grid edit columns to change width and match the normal report view column width. I would like them to be 50px but they won't go smaller than 100. I've changed all the CSS I could find, is there a trick? Thanks!
  9. @SunakoChan @kpcollier Worked perfect! Thank you both!
  10. I am making a database to track oil change intervals, I'm basing it off a excel sheet the users currently use and I would like to make certain columns have a different colored background like below. These won't be based on certain criteria or anything, I always want the columns to have the green or blue backgrounds no matter the data. Thank you for your help!
  11. Thanks for the response, I actually would like to send multiple records inside the body of the email. Example.. Thanks
  12. Is there any way to have a task send multiple records in one email if the records have a field that meet the certain criteria? Currently it sends one email per record, I would one email with all the records that meet the task criteria is possible. Thank you in advance!
  13. I agree @kpcollier, I really need another cheaper solution also. The webmerge option you are still spending $200 a month for enough merges.
  14. When I print a details report that I have pop-up in it's own window the total width is only 3/4 of the page, I would like it to stretch the whole width and fill the page. Any ideas? Thanks!
  15. I would like to automatically send a email with triggered actions if the "Status" field in my table is changed. Not sure how I would go about doing that. The field in my datapage pulls from a status table with the following options... OPEN IN PROCESS OF CLOSING CLOSED RETIRED So if the user changes that field from OPEN to CLOSED or IN PROCESS OF CLOSING I would like a email sent out Thank you!
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