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  1. Batchini

    Custom symbol

    how do I put a custom symbol in place of yes/no for a checkbox? I see the custom format but can't figure out how to get a symbol into it?
  2. Is there a way that after a year, I can create a task that will clean my table based on the date field that I have?
  3. Hi. I am trying to find what is the solution for this. I want to be able to calculate the amount assigned to my agent and also deduct the total money owed of this specific agent. Also, I wanted to display the data and compute the data for the current week only. Is this possible using select statement?
  4. I have a collapsible section configured in my DataPage. Now, I added a rule and this is just a simple rule and it should work. However, it is not working as expected. can you help?
  5. Hi, I want to concatenate my records every insert if the Section and Group is the same. Please refer to the sample below: Section Group Name Combined First A 1_testname 1_testname, 2_testname, First A 2_testname 1_testname, 2_testname, Second B 3_testname 3_testname Since the first two record has same section and group, I want to concatenate their name in the 'Combined' field. How to achieve
  6. Thank you @Barbie it worked. Can I ask one more question? I believe this can be than using task or trigger too. I want to update a field in table 2 based on the information that I entered in table 1. Can you show me a sample configuration as well?
  7. I am using multiple script. Sometimes, they are using '=' and sometimes '==' may I know what is the difference of one equal sign and two equal sign in a Javascript? Thanks in advance.
  8. How do I set up a default value for a field in a table? Essentially, I want the default text "Pending" to appear when the field in the table is blank. Is that possible?
  9. I have two fields [@field:Field1] + [@field:Field2] If the first field 1 has a value and the field 2 is blank, it does not give a result. it is always blank. Can you help?
  10. How can I create a reminder that sends an email 3 days after a record was made? Is it possible using the notification email in the datapage only? If not, what are the other solutions.
  11. I have a file DataType that I am displaying as a link in the report page. I need to do is to be able to download any file regardless of the file type. I don't want to display anything. Just download. Now, if it is a image file, it is opening on the same tab instead of downloading it. Can you help?
  12. Hi. I need a Formula to combine two fields. Here's the formula that I'm using: CONVERT(VARCHAR, [@field:FieldA]) + ' ' + COVERT(VARCHAR,Year[@field:DateField]). I am trying to write a formula that will pull the year out of the date in this field. I am getting an Invalid Formula. Can you help?
  13. Can you apply localization in a Task? I have a negative value and here's how I want to display it: -$150 instead of ($150) in an email generated by a Task. Currently negative dollar amounts to appear as: ($150) Thanks for the help.
  14. Hi, I am trying to concatenate my two number fields with a string and it is giving me different result. Field A value: 201479652315 Field B value: 201454784878 Here's what I'm trying to do: Field A + Field B + '.docx' And I am getting dis result: 201479652315 2.014547e+4878.docx Here's the formula i am using: CAST([@field:FieldA] as VARCHAR) + CAST([@field:FieldB] as VARCHAR) + '.docx' Can you help?
  15. I need to pass a parameter on the website link but with condition. For example if field1 = a then pass parameter name=[@fieldname] otherwise it will be just the link. I tried Case When statement and use the a href with the link but it is not working if it has a parameter included in the link. Do you have any other ideas for this guys?
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