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  1. I have an issue in my current workflow. If the first field(Prefix such as Mr. Mrs. Ms) is blank, space appears before the first name when the formula is displayed. Is there another formula that will eliminate the blank space if field 1 is blank? Here is the formula that I'm currently using: (SELECT [@field:Prefix] + ' ' + [@field:FirstName] + ' ' + [@field:LastName]
  2. Hi, I used the code provided above and it is working when I have a text area field. But when I enabled the rich text editor, the code is not working anymore. I tried getting the class and id of the rich text editor but still not working. What class or ID should I get for this code to work on me? Can you help? Thanks.
  3. I am looking for a Solution how to break a lengthy word in multiselect field. Some of the options are quite long and the text is being cut off. It looks good on desktop version but I need to wrap the text of these options on the tablet and mobile versions so the user can see the full text that they are selecting.
  4. I have a field that has a format of mm:ss.00. I want to have a formula that will convert this as seconds only.
  5. Batchini

    Date today

    I would like to add a condition to a task where date is current date. How do I get current date option in this new tasks? I am trying to use a timestamp. Like Date = timestamp but it is not working for me.
  6. Hi Barbie, You can try to use this formula to get the exact elapsed minutes: Try this formula: Datediff(minute,[@field:Start_Time], [@field:End_Time])/60.0 I hope this works on your end. -Batchi
  7. Got a "ERROR IN FORMULA." message after clicking (two time) the DataPage number column header. (IsNull([@field:firstfield], 0)- IsNull([@field:secondfield], 0)- IsNull([@field:thirdfield], 0)- IsNull([@field:fourthfield], 0)) /(IsNull([@field:fifthfield], 0)
  8. I'm trying to get a phone number including its international dialing code. '[@cbParamVirtual3]'+RIGHT('[@cbParamVirtual4]',9) ...the first parameter takes the dialing code, and the last one takes the 9 digits from the right. but the problem I have encountered is that not all countries have 9 digits after the 0. if the first zero isn't written we just take the number as is.
  9. Hi, I created this formula: CASE WHEN [@authfield:field1] IS NULL THEN 0 ELSE [@authfield:field1] END When I verify it, it says valid. But when I preview it, it says Error in formula.
  10. I'm very familiar with creating relationships - and using the labels on data pages. But a Numbered List field is grayed out and cannot be selected for a relationship. Do you know why?
  11. I have a Gallery DataPage and it has a Details page. There is a view details button that doesn't appear in cell phones, but it does in computers. Is there anyway to achieve this workflow?
  12. That's right, @SunakoChan you may also refer to this article regarding styles for you to be able to learn more about it: https://howto.caspio.com/styles/
  13. Hi, You may try pasting this in the header: <style> div[id*="CalendarToolBox"]{ width:400px !important; height: 200px !important; } </style> Hope this helps.
  14. I tried to export a table and wasn't able to download the exported data. It is working before. Can you please assist?
  15. Hi, I wanted to change the colors of my charts and move the legends of it to top. Is this possible? Thanks
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