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  1. I have a field that has a format of mm:ss.00. I want to have a formula that will convert this as seconds only.
  2. Batchini

    Date today

    I would like to add a condition to a task where date is current date. How do I get current date option in this new tasks? I am trying to use a timestamp. Like Date = timestamp but it is not working for me.
  3. Hi Barbie, You can try to use this formula to get the exact elapsed minutes: Try this formula: Datediff(minute,[@field:Start_Time], [@field:End_Time])/60.0 I hope this works on your end. -Batchi
  4. Got a "ERROR IN FORMULA." message after clicking (two time) the DataPage number column header. (IsNull([@field:firstfield], 0)- IsNull([@field:secondfield], 0)- IsNull([@field:thirdfield], 0)- IsNull([@field:fourthfield], 0)) /(IsNull([@field:fifthfield], 0)
  5. I'm trying to get a phone number including its international dialing code. '[@cbParamVirtual3]'+RIGHT('[@cbParamVirtual4]',9) ...the first parameter takes the dialing code, and the last one takes the 9 digits from the right. but the problem I have encountered is that not all countries have 9 digits after the 0. if the first zero isn't written we just take the number as is.
  6. Hi, I created this formula: CASE WHEN [@authfield:field1] IS NULL THEN 0 ELSE [@authfield:field1] END When I verify it, it says valid. But when I preview it, it says Error in formula.
  7. I'm very familiar with creating relationships - and using the labels on data pages. But a Numbered List field is grayed out and cannot be selected for a relationship. Do you know why?
  8. I have a Gallery DataPage and it has a Details page. There is a view details button that doesn't appear in cell phones, but it does in computers. Is there anyway to achieve this workflow?
  9. That's right, @SunakoChan you may also refer to this article regarding styles for you to be able to learn more about it: https://howto.caspio.com/styles/
  10. Hi, You may try pasting this in the header: <style> div[id*="CalendarToolBox"]{ width:400px !important; height: 200px !important; } </style> Hope this helps.
  11. I tried to export a table and wasn't able to download the exported data. It is working before. Can you please assist?
  12. Hi, I wanted to change the colors of my charts and move the legends of it to top. Is this possible? Thanks
  13. Hi is there a way to put a blank value in dropdown? I tried removing the Display and Value, however, there's an error: "Display field is required." I don't really like to put some text in the display field.
  14. Seems very complex to me. hmmm. I hate to say this, but is there a way I can get a copy of the trigger that you have there? Maybe run some tests? I really owe you one. ❤
  15. Thanks Scarlet, This would work but I would prefer that the values be saved in my Parent Table. And yes, I forgot to give details. This would be a very general description. (Parent)Table 1 fields are: Project_ID, ProjectName, MinValue (Child)Table 2 fields are: Work_ID, ProjectID, Status. The status on the child table is represented by 0,1,2,3. I would like to get the minimum status of the project ID stamped in the child table. Does that make sense?
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