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  1. Seems very complex to me. hmmm. I hate to say this, but is there a way I can get a copy of the trigger that you have there? Maybe run some tests? I really owe you one. ❤
  2. Thanks Scarlet, This would work but I would prefer that the values be saved in my Parent Table. And yes, I forgot to give details. This would be a very general description. (Parent)Table 1 fields are: Project_ID, ProjectName, MinValue (Child)Table 2 fields are: Work_ID, ProjectID, Status. The status on the child table is represented by 0,1,2,3. I would like to get the minimum status of the project ID stamped in the child table. Does that make sense?
  3. Hello Everyone! So I have a parent table and a child table. I would want my parent table to get the least amount of a certain field. I know this will be a trigger that will get the minimum value, but I can't get it to work. Any thoughts? Thanks.
  4. I have a tabular reports form. I have a checkbox that displays whether an employee has an active or an inactive status. When I display it in the Results, it displays "Yes" or "No". But I want them to display "Active" or "Inactive", and maybe create colors such that it will display Red when Inactive and Green when active. Any help? Many thanksxzzzz.
  5. I have a tabular DataPage. I want to show the latest date and time if the users tried to edit the records. I have created a timestamp for this and include it in my report but it when I edit the records using inline edit, the timestamp is not showing. can you help?
  6. Is it possible to display a field or fields from a different table?
  7. Batchini


    Is anyone here knows what currency does Caspio accept in Payment?
  8. I have a start date and end date in my table I want the Calendar show every day of the date range on the calendar how to achieve this?
  9. Hi @Barbie, I did this and now I am having a hard time about the localization. Where do I put the link and what link? thanks for your help.
  10. I'm trying to build a insert or update type of form. If the record doesn't exist (in the database), then it will be inserted. If the record does exist, then it will be displayed completely to the user and the next submit button will just update the changes the user makes. How can I do that? I know how to do each task separately --- I can do a submission form and a single record update. But I'd like a combination of both now.
  11. I have a formula in my table. CASE WHEN [@field:UserName] = 'Emp' THEN 'Employee' ELSE 'Manager' I wanted to make that if UserName starts with Emp then it is employee otherwise Manager
  12. On my details page I have a back button on the bottom. I would like to move that back button to the top
  13. I have an application where a client enters data and then an admin approves and submits it to the vendor. So when I checked the approved checkbox, and submit it, it will populate the table with the approver's email and the time that it has been approved. However, the main problem is, I only checked the approved checkbox and not checked the submitted and deleted checkbox but it is also populated in the table. Any idea?
  14. I'm trying to set-up the ability to search a report by month. This is for a combined chart and report. The table has three years worth of data, 2017, 2018, 2019. So I would like the user to be able to select "June" and the data for June is shown for each year.
  15. Is there a log where we can see who looked for what in the datapages? we think that an employee is looking for information and we would like to check who visited the search form?
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