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  1. I have a file DataType that I am displaying as a link in the report page. I need to do is to be able to download any file regardless of the file type. I don't want to display anything. Just download. Now, if it is a image file, it is opening on the same tab instead of downloading it. Can you help?
  2. Hi. I need a Formula to combine two fields. Here's the formula that I'm using: CONVERT(VARCHAR, [@field:FieldA]) + ' ' + COVERT(VARCHAR,Year[@field:DateField]). I am trying to write a formula that will pull the year out of the date in this field. I am getting an Invalid Formula. Can you help?
  3. Can you apply localization in a Task? I have a negative value and here's how I want to display it: -$150 instead of ($150) in an email generated by a Task. Currently negative dollar amounts to appear as: ($150) Thanks for the help.
  4. Hi, I am trying to concatenate my two number fields with a string and it is giving me different result. Field A value: 201479652315 Field B value: 201454784878 Here's what I'm trying to do: Field A + Field B + '.docx' And I am getting dis result: 201479652315 2.014547e+4878.docx Here's the formula i am using: CAST([@field:FieldA] as VARCHAR) + CAST([@field:FieldB] as VARCHAR) + '.docx' Can you help?
  5. I need to pass a parameter on the website link but with condition. For example if field1 = a then pass parameter name=[@fieldname] otherwise it will be just the link. I tried Case When statement and use the a href with the link but it is not working if it has a parameter included in the link. Do you have any other ideas for this guys?
  6. I need to pass a parameter on the website link but with condition. For example if field1 = a then pass parameter name=[@fieldname] otherwise it will be just the link. I tried Case When statement and use the a href with the link but it is not working if it has a parameter included in the link. Do you have any other ideas for this guys?
  7. Thank you that worked. Do you also perhaps know How can I insert data from table one to table two when the value of ID is not on table two? Expected Result: send the information from table 1 to table 2 only if the ID on table 1 is not found in table 2?
  8. I need to reduce the space in the filed width of an editable report with attachable images. Here's a screenshot: As you can see there are whitespaces after the word chosen. Can you help me reduce it? Thanks.
  9. How can I create a a task that will update the records on table1 with the information on table 2 when the ID match in both tables? I already have all my records in the table 2that's why I come up with creating a Task instead of a triggered action. Can you help me creating this? Thanks.
  10. Hi @Barbie I tried using your code in a Gallery report and it did not work. I have a somehow same workflow with this but it did not work on my end. Does the code in Gallery report different from tabular report? Thanks.
  11. I have a report with search function. Is it possible to use a one field and be able to search for the value and a blank value as well? I am using a dropdown field and I tried adding 'Blank' in the display and leave the value as blank but it is displaying all the records instead of displaying the blank values only. Can you help?
  12. I want to send an email notification using Application Task and wanted to make the words inside the strong tag in the email body bold and it is not working on the email. It is just displaying the string tag in the email. Here’s a sample Task configuration that I have: Is it possible to make this Task read the HTML Tags? Thanks, B
  13. Hi, I have a datapage that I need to add labels per row but wasn't able to do so inside the Pivot DataPage or the Style. There are some rows which I can't add titles or labels. Can you help me with this?
  14. I have a table with a Student Number and a Student name in two different columns. Is it possible to get the Student Number and Student name in the same column in another table or view? Thanks.
  15. Hi, I am looking to make a cascading text field read-only. the cascading text field in my DataPage is the Virtual 4. How can I achieve this? Thanks.
  16. I have a table that has a multiple duplicated User_ID. Below are my table structure: Username Checkbox1 Checkbox2 Textfield Test Test Test Test2 Test2 Test2 If I check atleast one in Checkbox1 field with a 'Test' Username, all Checkbox2 with a username of 'Test' will be checked and all Textfield with a username of 'Test' will be marked as 'done'. I tried creating atriggered action but I am getting a recursive error. Can you help?
  17. How can I make all the corners fit in the display of a Gallery page. I'd like a rounded style with shading.
  18. Is there a way to create a triggered action that checks on another table? I have 2 tables. Once I enter a record on the first table, it will check if it is already existing in the second table. If it does not exist on the second table, I need the record to be submitted on the second table and if it already exists then it needs to do nothing. Would you be able to provide me a sample configuration for this?
  19. When we make a row editable in a Tabular DataPage the Edit button displays at the end of the row. Is it possible to display it at the start of the row instead?
  20. Hi, I'm trying to import an excel spreadsheet but it says that some dates are not compatible but upon checking the file all of the records are on the same format. Their format is dd/mm/yyyy. Do you know why I encounter this issue?
  21. I have a cascading field that I want to set as read-only. I cannot choose the display only form element as I want to set this specific field as cascading text field that will be based on the option that I will choose on the other field. Can you help me with this?
  22. I have an issue in my current workflow. If the first field(Prefix such as Mr. Mrs. Ms) is blank, space appears before the first name when the formula is displayed. Is there another formula that will eliminate the blank space if field 1 is blank? Here is the formula that I'm currently using: (SELECT [@field:Prefix] + ' ' + [@field:FirstName] + ' ' + [@field:LastName]
  23. Hi, I used the code provided above and it is working when I have a text area field. But when I enabled the rich text editor, the code is not working anymore. I tried getting the class and id of the rich text editor but still not working. What class or ID should I get for this code to work on me? Can you help? Thanks.
  24. I am looking for a Solution how to break a lengthy word in multiselect field. Some of the options are quite long and the text is being cut off. It looks good on desktop version but I need to wrap the text of these options on the tablet and mobile versions so the user can see the full text that they are selecting.
  25. I have a field that has a format of mm:ss.00. I want to have a formula that will convert this as seconds only.
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