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  1. I have a table that has Triggered action. When records were inserted, it will copy some of the data to other table. However, I tried to import a file to the table as an append and the Triggered action did not fire. But, my triggered is working as expected when I entered or inserted a record directly in the table. Any thoughts?
  2. Hello, I have several fields in a submission form. If the fields are not being populated, I want the submit button disabled. Is this possible under your localization or Styles? Hoping for a response. Thank you.
  3. Hi guys, I have a simple question to make sure that it will work. If I import my Access Database in Caspio and the fields have '-' and '()' in the field names, also if some of the field DataType is set to 'OLE Object', this will be successfully imported in Caspio, right? Or should I remove/change every field?
  4. Hi @Barbiewe have similar workflow and I believe this is the code that I came up to to achieve that: <style> td[class*="cbResultSetData cbResultSetTableCell cbResultSetCalculatedField"] { display: none !important; } </style> You can try that one and I hope that works.
  5. That worked! I tried this on my Details page and it says submit not update. Should I use different code for that? Thnx
  6. I want to add the submit button at the top of the page if in case they are at the top of the page, users can submit the page without scrolling at the bottom part. But I want to remain the submit button at the bottom. Is that possible?
  7. I have here an inline Add form. Is it possible that once an item is already selected, the item will no longer be selected on the same instance? Only one dropdown. So basically, once the option is selected in the dropdown will not be included already once selected.
  8. @BarbieHello now I think I need to compute an overall total as well without the current week criteria. Can you help me with that? Should I remove some of fields in the formula? How?
  9. I want to have a result that will concatenate the Name field if they have the same 'Title' and 'GroupName'. Is that possible using calculations or is there any solution?
  10. Hello, you can also refer to this article for more sql functions: https://howto.caspio.com/function-reference/
  11. That's great, @Barbie. You can use this formula instead: REPLACE(REPLACE(CONVERT(varchar(15), CAST([@field:Date] AS TIME), 100), 'P', ' P'), 'A', ' A') I hope this satisfies your wrkflow now.
  12. Hi @Barbie If you want to have that format, please use the formula below: CASE WHEN CONVERT(VARCHAR, [@field:Date], 108) = '00:00:00' THEN ' ' ELSE CONVERT(VARCHAR,CAST('[@field:Date]' AS TIME),100) END I hope this works now. - Batchini
  13. Kuroshi

    Custom symbol

    how do I put a custom symbol in place of yes/no for a checkbox? I see the custom format but can't figure out how to get a symbol into it?
  14. Is there a way that after a year, I can create a task that will clean my table based on the date field that I have?
  15. Hi. I am trying to find what is the solution for this. I want to be able to calculate the amount assigned to my agent and also deduct the total money owed of this specific agent. Also, I wanted to display the data and compute the data for the current week only. Is this possible using select statement?
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