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  1. Correct. It works, perfectly!! and pass value immediately!! Didn't know that Calculated Filed value can be passed by the number of the filed. Thank you so much!! In mean time I got help and found a improvising solution to pass Text value parameter like '[@Parameter]' and calculate same formula and conditions as in previous DataPage but your solution :-) as I do not need to calculate in destination DataPage, I can simply pass!! Thank you again!!! Really appreciate your help!!
  2. Hello! Read all info on passing parameters but couldn't find answer. Have a Submission Form with virtual fields from which I pass parameters to report DataPage (data source: view not table) with calculated fields and want then to pass parameters to new DataPage - Web Form where user can check his choice, make new data input and only than to save data to table. I am using following string: "?Operator_carrier=[@field:tbl_export_import_land_Operator_carrier]&Origin_country=[@field:Origin_country]&Destination_country=[@field:Destination_country]&Departure_port=[@field:Departure_Port]&Destination_port=[@field:Destination_Port]&Weight=[@Weight]&Price=[@field:Price]&LCL_voy_noID=[@field:LCL_voy_noID]">Book</a>" Can pass other parameters but not values from Calculated Fields. There is no possibility. Is there are way to pass Calculated Fields values to a new DataPage, Web Form Submission? I've tried to do without passing - to just use formula in new Calculated Field in a new Web Form but somehow it doesn't work with formulas based on View as Data source but it is working with formulas based on Table data Source. Unfortunately I need to use View as data source due to formulas and conditions. Perhaps any idea or solution? Thank you very much! Bostjan
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