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  1. Hello, The problem was actually fixed when I placed the auto submit form above the other search forms on the page. Now the page does not go into an endless loop. But, there is another slight problem that would be good to fix. When pressing submit on the other form on the page (not the autosubmit page), the entire webpage reloads. I have AJAX enabled and "stay on same page" and previously the page was able to update results without re-loading the entire page. Is it possible to alter the autosubmit form so that when another form is submitted on the page, the entire page doesn't need to be reloaded? FYI, the autosubmit form has does not have the "disable AJAX" option selected, so I was hoping the page would not require being re-loaded, if the other's form submit is selected. Best, David
  2. Hello @Meekeee and @Vitalikssssss Thanks for the forum suggestion. I have added AutoCompleteResultsNumber="20" to the XML file and it works perfect. But... now there seems to be another problem. Previously, the Autocomplete result would go below the search field to show the results. Now the autocomplete results are only displaying above the search field (see attached picture). This also means that only a few options can be seen when I deploy it on a page. I also have attached a XML file of the datapage on the zip file. Any suggestions to only display results below the autocomplete text field? Best, David Corp_Search_Form_20_Autocomplete_2019-Dec-02_1249.zip
  3. Hello @MayMusic Yes, I have the script in a HTML block, but the submission form still seems to be in a endless loop. Interestingly, when the autosubmit form is the only datapage on the website, it works fine and without a loop, but when there are other datapages (which includes another submission form) the page goes into an endless loop. Are the other datapages causing this problem, and do you have any idea for a solution? Also, thank you for your response @Andrew I assume the script should be added to the website's HTML. I have tried this, but it doesn't seem to work. Any further suggestions for implementation? Thanks for the support, Best, David
  4. Hello, I am using a submission form with an autocomplete field. A problem that users are running into is that when they type in text and press "enter", the first item of the autocomplete menu is submitted instead of whatever text they have typed in. If the mouse is moved over another item of the autocomplete dropdown and "enter" is pressed or the mouse if clicked, that item will be selected - which works well. But... is possible to not automatically highlight the first item of the autocomplete field so that if "enter" is pressed, the text they have typed in will be submitted, instead of the first item of the autocomplete field? -David
  5. Hello, I am using a search form that has an autocomplete field. When users type into the field the autocomplete present a dropdown menu that has a maximum length of 10 possible records that contain the text that was entered. Is it possible to expand this selection menu to a higher amount, like 20? Our database has many records, so sometime the desire choice does not come up with the 10 options that are available. - David
  6. Hello, I want to include a hidden form at the bottom of a web page with multiple datapages that auto-submits when a user enters a page. This is meant to track which user view which specific website pages. All the other scripts I have tried have put my page into a infinite loop and are not working. For example, this script below does not work. <script type="text/javascript"> if(document.getElementById("caspioform")) { document.getElementById("caspioform").style.display = 'none'; setTimeout('document.forms["caspioform"].submit()',1000); } </script> Any advice?
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