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  1. I’m extremely interested in this thread and it is relevant to my current question. Can you tell me where you go to create such SQL statements/commands in Caspio? I’ve been searching of a while. Closest I’ve got is a DataPage Report and then going to insert a calculated or aggregate field. Am I close?
  2. I’m from a MS Access background. I’ve created an SQL statement to count the number of records that match certain criteria. The statement is reasonably complex but I have made it work in Access. Now I want to find a way of re-creating the same result in Caspio. I’ve searched and searched but I can’t even find where to begin. I can find examples of discussions about use of SQL statements on DataPages so it appears to be possible but I can’t find where to begin. As a really simple example: let’s say I want a DataPage to show the number of records in a given table. I can use the Aggregation tools to achieve what I need but I can’t find out how to actually view the SQL statement behind the scenes. Can anyone assist? James
  3. Ok, let me simplify the request now that some time has passed and I am clearer about what I need! In MySQL I have a table called Bookings I want to set up a replica of that table in Caspio and have the tables kept synchronised via some API. Is it possible to have two-way sync? That is, if I add a record to the MySQL table it will sync to the Caspio one and vice verse.
  4. I love Caspio! I have a MySQL DB whose data is managed by a custom user interface. I want to access the data (read only) to pull out records for a variety of purposes. Can anyone advise me how to go about doing this? Is there some feature that can pull specified tables or new/updated records through into Caspio. Any suggestions welcome so long as they’re polite ones! James
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