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  1. Hi, My DB structure is like that I have a class table and a class_trainer table. In class_trainer table I store class_id and trainer_id as which trainer are going to take the class. One class can have multiple trainers. To build my tabular report I could not crate a view with class and class_trainer table. Because, it shows duplicate row for a single class. So I build that report by only class table and trainer list I am show by a calculated field. But I need now a filtering field for trainer search in my search form How can I achieve that. I have added a virtual field but obviously it will not work without connection. Please take a look in my attached image. Thank you Shamir
  2. Would please share any link to use perfectly Caspio API in this manner.
  3. I wish to create a multiselect dropdownlist with few group title, which we normally known as "HTML <optgroup> Tag". We can't customize the html inside Caspio Datapage. Is it possible with javascript custom code? Sample image is here below please check and thanks you.
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