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  1. <script type = "text/javascript" > var timer = setInterval(function() { //Find if chart exists using rect element every x milliseconds if ($('rect') != null) { //Update Chart UpdateChart(); } }, 500); function UpdateChart() { try { Highcharts.charts[0].update({ xAxis: { reversed: false } } ); //Stop checking clearInterval(timer); } catch (err) { //log errors } }; </script> It seems like the old code is not working for some reason. Here's the new updated code.
  2. Hi @Johan Have you tried deploying the DataPages using a regular HTML page? Do you also have any authentication/redirect in place? A sample link/screenshot may help,
  3. I don't think it will work on Task/Triggers as it requires a valid email address format Perhaps you can use Zapier Integration with Email services. https://zapier.com/apps/categories/email https://zapier.com/apps/caspio-cloud-database/integrations/mailchimp
  4. This HowTo article will also help give you an idea on how passing parameters are used: https://howto.caspio.com/tech-tips-and-articles/tech-parameters/how-to-separate-search-page-and-results-page-into-two-different-webpages/
  5. Have you also tried to enclose the virtual field parameter with single quotes like this? CASE WHEN '[@cbParamVirtual1]' = 'Yes' THEN 1 ELSE 0END
  6. Hello @Johan Is this a Report DataPage? Perhaps you can try this query and add 'target.' prefix to your record fields. Context_AVG_Employees: IsNull((SELECT AVG(Score) FROM Assessment WHERE Company_Size_Employees = target.[@field:Company_Size_Employees]),0) Context_AVG_Revenues: IsNull((SELECT AVG(Score) FROM Assessment WHERE Company_Revenues = target.[@field:Company_Revenues]),0) We usually add 'target.' to make sure we are referencing the current row. You may refer to this article: https://howto.caspio.com/datapages/reports/advanced-reporting/calculations-in-forms-and-reports/
  7. For Pivot Reports, you can use this: <style> form#caspioform { text-align: -webkit-center; } </style>
  8. Hi @aaronfreed May I know what comparison are you using for the Rules? This post may give you some ideas in converting the datatypes:
  9. Perhaps this StackOverflow link may help: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/39331181/how-i-can-keep-the-cursor-in-its-position-in-textarea-after-auto-submitting You may try applying this on a HTML Block/Header and Footer.
  10. Based from my experience, some SQL functions such as DENSE_RANK () are not available within the Caspio Platform. Have you tried using the same OnLoad and OnExit parameters when searching? Perhaps you can give us a sample test DataPage or some screenshots on how you configured it so we can check.
  11. Usually, it means 10k are affected in a single event. For example, if I create a loop that inserts 500 records 10 times on Table A , 500 records 10 times on Table B. We get: 500 x 10 = 5000 500 x 10 = 5000 And we get 10,000 records affected. You can provide a sample trigger so we can check on it.
  12. Hello @mozakuniran These articles may give you some ideas: https://blog.caspio.com/how-caspio-delivers-data-security-and-compliance-across-industries-and-regions/ https://blog.caspio.com/5-data-security-considerations-evaluating-public-cloud-platforms/ https://howto.caspio.com/authentications-and-connections/authentication/authentication/ https://www.caspio.com/dpa/
  13. I would suggest consulting with the Professional Services Team for these kinds of customizations: https://www.caspio.com/services/professional-services/ It also seems like you're using a format similar to an app parameter so I think this is why parameters are being asked on preview (this won't show when deployed).
  14. @ChesCC Have you also tried using Swagger UI to test? https://howto.caspio.com/web-services-api/rest-api/swagger-ui/ I have typed only rows on my end and it is working
  15. <style> .cbFormData { display: flex !important; } </style> Perhaps you can use this CSS code to override the CSS styles for radio buttons.
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