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  1. Hi, I have a report page which lists customers.I have used Caspio´s Link generator to make a link which opens a new tab to take me to a customer´s contact card. It looks like this: <a class="cbMenuItem" href="https://www.website.com/cc.html?uid=[@field:User_ID]" target="_blank">View/Edit</a> When you click on the link as it is now, it will open a new tab each time I click on that customer. If I click second time still it is opening another tab even if this customer is already open. I want to restrict that. When I click the link related to the customer for the first time, I want to open a tab. And if I click second time onwards (on the same person) then it should take me to the tab already opened and focus on it. When I click the link related to another person, it should open a tab displaying that person, also if the first person is still open.To clarify – I want the ability to have several customers opened, but if I click the link on a customer already opened, I want to be sent to that opened tab.What changes should I do to make it work like that?
  2. Hello MelZia. I had the same situation when starting to use Caspio last year. Caspio recommended Weebly then because Wix uses iFrame. They said the same this summer. I did a test with Wix and noticed a frame was added when I deployed a data page.
  3. Hi, I use the script below to close a popup window containing a submission form. On most occasions the script is fine as it is, as it closes the popup and refreshes the parent page (dashboard). There is however one occasion where my users will enter the popup from another page, but they should still be sent to the dashboard page when the popup close. How can the script be modified to work like that? Regards, Frode <script> function cb_close() { if (window.opener && !window.opener.closed) { window.opener.location.reload(); //window.opener.location.href = "url popup window"; } window.close(); var test= window.self; test.opener = window.self; test.close(); } setTimeout("cb_close()",1000); </script>
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