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  1. Hello, I am building my first caspio db/app and I would like advice about the best way to handle the mass insertion of 100-200 records to a table once my end user enters a small number of fields. I have described the table structure and initial criteria as well as my questions below. Thanks in advance! Details Tables involved: 3 tables (client, funder, client-funder match) Records already exist on the first two and the mass store is to the third match table Both the client and funder tables share a common field, Issue Area How it works in my mind: The user goes to the starting datapage and chooses the client and the issue areas (preferably multiple but could do one at a time) and clicks a button "Find Funders" Then magic happens* The user gets a response saying they have successfully matched to funders in those areas with a link to a datapage which lists them all. * In other systems I have built outside Caspio, the magic would involve a behind-the-scenes query to pull all funders with one of the issue areas in the criteria and would store a record to the match table with the client + funder+ issue area of match It sounds like I might be able to use triggered actions, although the article I found seems more geared to actions attached to a table which then do something to certain records....whereas here the trigger is submission of a button. Also I read in some posts about hidden datapages (to handle the "magic" processing), but would love for someone to give me just a little more guidance so I don't waste a lot of time ;-)
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