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  1. Hi Mathilda This solution works perfectly for my need with the auto submit on the submit form, so thank you! The details data page displays momentarily before the submission page. How do I stop the stop the details data page from displaying at all? Thanks
  2. Thank you! I got a solution that added custom CSS to the WP website but this looks like a solution that I prefer.
  3. Thanks everyone. I was able to get this resolved through another source. I appreciate your responding.
  4. It does require a login as it has security. I will post again in a bit to provide you access. Thanks
  5. Let me know if this works https://c0abf874.caspio.com/dp/3B606000fafd98d82ab64461ae8e Thanks
  6. http://ilevelbrands.com/add-promotion-category-admin/ There are multiple pages affected but this is the one in the screenshot. Is this what you need? Thanks
  7. Dropdown Listboxes are configured in Caspio to show 5 rows before scrolling is required. Wordpress deployment only shows the first row before scrolling is required. This makes for an undesirable user experience and any help fixing it would be greatly appreciated. I prefer a solution that does not require using iFrames. Top image is the Caspio configuration. Lower image is what it looks like on Wordpress. Thanks
  8. Thank you MayMusic. Does this work when some of the parameters are from cascading listboxes?
  9. On submitting the form, I want to go back to the same page with the selections that were made. The goal is to allow the user to have to change only one selection instead of having to make all of the selections each time when only one needs to be changed. Below is the scrip I am using but it doesn't work. Any help would be appreciated Thanks <script type="text/javascript"> document.addEventListener('DataPageReady', function (event) { console.log('Data page ready'); const form = document.getElementById('caspioform'); console.log('Caspio Form', form);
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