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  1. Hi, We are having users complaining they've submitted records and its not there... I'm suspecting they close the form without clicking on submit button. I'm looking for a way to present a message to users when trying to exit the screen w/o saving info. "You have unsaved data, closing this way will cause data not to get saved, please click on submit button" Any suggestions? Thanks
  2. Hi, If we have a schedule table and using two fields ScheduleStartTime and ScheduleEndTime, both being date/time fields like 4/4/20 10:00 PM and 4/5/20 06:00 AM, how do I filter for all records being from 4/5/20 1:00AM to 5:00AM? I need all schedules that falls partially between those timings? See example attached. thanks
  3. Hi, Wondering if someone has done some work in regard integration an external database (SQL based) and Caspio? I'm basically looking for seamless one way integration that will constantly push all data (inserts and updates alike) from SQL to Caspio. Thanks
  4. Hi, So if there is no record yet, user will have to click twice, first on the link to open update DP and then on the link to open Submission DP? My goal here is to have the user click it only once. In addition of trying to use the least datapages possible. Thanks, Ben
  5. Hi, The suggested method is not available yet. Here is another way to accomplish it. Create a calculated field with something like below and have this as part of the email body. SELECT snv_id = 'Not updating your browser already resulted in the following records being submitted with missing info:' + char(10) + STUFF(( SELECT ', ' + snv_id + ' ' + CONVERT(VARCHAR(10), Visit_Date, 101) + ' ' + Client_Last_Name + ' ' + ' ' + Client_First_name + char(10) FROM _v_v_VisitNotes_Browser where _v_v_VisitNotes_Browser.nurse_User_ID_num_SNV= '[@authfield:Nurse_UserName]' FOR XML PA
  6. Hi Andrew, I know how to do the add feature in tabular report. My question is how to hide that section in case there is already a record for this criteria and we dont want two records matching (only per employee). See Attached. Thanks, Ben
  7. Hi, How do I create a single datapage that will be used for adding and editing a record as well. Meaning, when user clicks on a link (from another datapage) to open this datapage, if it does not have an existing record yet, it should be ready to add the record, otherwise if record exists, it should bring up that record with option to edit. How is that possible? PS. Or at least is it possible to set the datapage allow additions to false in case there are records? Thanks
  8. Actually I just had to add Target.Nurse_ID and it works. Thank you douvega!!
  9. Looks like the HTML portion is working now, but perhaps something is wrong with the calculated field as well. See attached. Thanks, Ben
  10. Hi douvega, Field Nurse_ID should be unique. Thanks, Ben
  11. Hi, I have a calculated field in a tabular report results with the following value. (SELECT COUNT(nurse_id) FROM users WHERE nurse_id=[@field:Nurse_ID]) Then I have an HTML link based on that calculated field, as follows <a href="" id="myLink"></a> <script> if([@calcfield:1#] != 0) { document.getElementById("myLink").innerHTML = "Edit Password"; document.getElementById("myLink").href = "https://MyAcct.caspio.com/dp/1234?Nurse_ID=&Nurse_ID"; document.getElementById("myLink").target = "_blank"; } else { document.getElementById("myLink").innerHTML = "A
  12. Hi Vitalikssssss, Tried that too, nothing changed. Thanks, Ben
  13. Hi, Would like to know how do I change formatting of a calculated field in datapage? Tried the following in header section but not working. <style> .cbFormCalculatedField { color: blue; font-size: 20px; font-weight: 1000; } </style> Thanks
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