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    BFuchs got a reaction from Vitalikssssss in Task to send email with multiple records   
    The suggested method is not available yet.
    Here is another way to accomplish it.
    Create a calculated field with something like below and have this as part of the email body.
    SELECT snv_id = 'Not updating your browser already resulted in the following records being submitted with missing info:' + char(10) + STUFF(( SELECT ', ' + snv_id + ' ' + CONVERT(VARCHAR(10), Visit_Date, 101) + ' ' + Client_Last_Name + ' ' + ' ' + Client_First_name + char(10) FROM _v_v_VisitNotes_Browser where _v_v_VisitNotes_Browser.nurse_User_ID_num_SNV= '[@authfield:Nurse_UserName]' FOR XML PATH('') ), 1, 1, '')  
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    BFuchs reacted to douvega in Have calculated field in tabular report   
    Hi @BFuchs
    Your code is not working for all rows since you are generating several items with the same id "myLink", remember each id must be unique.

    Could you please identify a field within the table which is unique so I can provide you with the proper JS? Tell me the full name of the unique field.
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