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  1. Got my answer! Figured I would post if anyone is looking for a similar situation. Case WHEN ([@field:Ext_2_Term]=7) AND ([@FIELD:AMOUNT]<3000) THEN 50 WHEN ([@field:Ext_2_Term]=14) AND ([@FIELD:AMOUNT]<3000) THEN 75 WHEN ([@field:Ext_2_Term]=28) AND ([@FIELD:AMOUNT]<3000) THEN 125 WHEN ([@field:Ext_2_Term]=42) AND ([@FIELD:AMOUNT]<3000) THEN 165 WHEN ([@field:Ext_2_Term]=56) AND ([@FIELD:AMOUNT]<3000) THEN 225 WHEN ([@field:Ext_2_Term]=7) AND ([@FIELD:AMOUNT]>=3000) AND ([@FIELD:AMOUNT]<8000) THEN 65 WHEN ([@field:Ext_2_Term]=14) AND ([@FIELD:AMOUNT]>=
  2. I am trying to build a formula in Caspio that will offer the same results as excel. Below is an example of the formula from excel but I am unable to determine how to correctly write this in Caspio. Below my excel formula is what I am attempting to use in replacement but getting an error code. I am brand new to caspio, can someone offer a solution? Thanks in advance Caspio Error Code: Invalid formula: Incorrect syntax near (. Excel Formula: =IF(AND(J2=7,I2<3000),50,IF(AND(J2=14,I2<3000),75,IF(AND(J2=28,I2<3000),125,IF(AND(J2=42,I2<3000),165,IF(AND(J
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