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  1. Is it possible to add additional filters to a results page. For example if my search returns 100 records in a results page, can you then add an additional filter or search of those results to filter it down to 10 targeted records. Sort of like autotrader.com does when you do a search.... Sorry if this is an 'amateur' question (which I am), new to Caspio and I can't find this anywhere.
  2. Is there a way to grab the local zipcode from wherever someone is accessing the datapage and autofill it into the zip code field in a search form? An example is https://www.autotrader.com/ where they insert the zipcode into the zipcode search field, but still allow it to be changed. Thanks for all the help, new to Caspio.....
  3. Does the import 'update' option also have the capability to delete and add items as part of the import? Let's say the 'inventory' destination table has 10 items. We import a file of 8 records and we want the logic to be: 6 import items match 6 table items match so no update to table takes place (number of records in the table is still 10) 1 new item imported, so add that item to the table (number of records in the table is now 11) 1 imported item matches a table item but has a single data change, so update that item in the table (number of records in the table is still 11) the kicker - if 3 items in the current table are not included in the import file, is there a way to auto-delete them from the table upon import? (This would take the number of items in the table to 8) New to caspio, trying to understand the update logic Thanks!!!!!!!!!!
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