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  1. Most pages have a "Login/Register" link on front page. And, with Caspio, I have it where you have to login (authenticate) to see DataPages. Obviously, I need people to be able to "Register" an account before they have an account to log in with - but once they are logged in, how do I hide the "Register" link that was put up front on the public page. I want to minimize people registering every time by mistake (or on purpose) I assume there is some meta-layout I can use to place the links only on certain pages - I am embedding the DataPages code into a SquareSpace web page, so I have the capability of only embedding the DataPages on specific .html pages if the solution lies in that realm Thank you ***************************************************************** While waiting for "approval" of this post, I found a Caspio video dealing with this topic - still interested in hearing from others who might have a simple protocol for handling the "login" vs "new registration" for user authenticated pages **************************** Still waiting to get my question past the gate-keeper, I found another video that I am hoping might answer my queston... ******************************** And, finally (three days later with no approval of my question) I am still looking for the answer, and found this "unrelated" video, that actually spends the first half explaining exactly what I needed
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