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  1. I don't think you got my question, so here... this a row in my table I created using html... However it only shows the fields for that record... I want it to show the following record on the table as well. <tr id="row83"> <td>Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah</td> <td>[@field:fieldname1]</td> <td>[@field:fieldname2]</td> ***<td>[@field:fieldname1](NEXT RECORD)</td>*** --- Wanting to do ***<td>[@field:fieldname2](NEXT RECORD)</td>*** --- Wanting to do </tr>
  2. So I built a custom table using multiple html blocks and list datapage, however now I'm wondering if I could include more than just [@field:fieldname] on the table it would be more useful to have the following record on the table as another column.... I tried [@field:fieldname+1] hahah which obviously did not work The reason I did the custom Table was because I could not transpose the tablular report :/ Thanks, Jonathan
  3. If anyone wants the code and explanation of how I did it , reply. I made it so people had to register to be able to sign up. Once registered, if they sign up it automatically adds them to signed up and once the limit is reached no more signups were allowed.
  4. Okay I appreciate it, Do you know of any examples or how tos to do so?
  5. I would like to transpose a tabular report is there anyway of doing this? Thanks, Jonathan
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