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  1. I suggest that instead of using a calculated field, create an extra field on your table and use triggered actions to perform the calculation for you. Since it is a normal field, you should be able to group your values from it.
  2. I just noticed that one of our logout links is redirecting our users to Caspio Homepage (https://www.caspio.com/) when logging out instead of our designated logout page. Any Ideas?
  3. I just got a word from support that Task can only process up to 10,000 number of records only. Is there some we can still run the task if you have more than 10,000 records?
  4. Hello, Anybody has an idea why the Join types on my table relationship is greyed out? I cant change the Join Type...
  5. Hmmmm... I tried that too, however the combined chat and report is actually just a single datapage. Kinda like the extra details page when you enable the details page option. But still, they are still the same data. If you want the other chart or the table to contain different information than the other, you will really have to create another one.
  6. Yes @NiceDuck, they are indeed being ran at the same time. However, it was mentioned there that the other task should be Qued and shall be ran after the others. Mine is not running even though I try to run it manuallly.
  7. I have a scheduled import on my Dropbox account. As I checked, 4 out of 7 of them is not being ran. Any Ideas?
  8. I just want to share this. If you ever need to prevent your triggered action/ task on sending emails/sms on certain numbers. You can create a table which contains all those unwanted email addresses/ phone number and create a blocklist. It is just an extra condition on the where statement if you used a 'select from' block. Hope it helps...
  9. It is possible to submit an email to multiple addresses, that are just on different fields of the same record? ex. On your record, you have 2 fields containing different email, lets name it field 'Email_primary' and 'Email_secondary'. Would it be possible to send email on both of those fields with only one email block?
  10. Shiro


    Cool, Would it be possible to send those Barcode Via Email? Also, would it be readable by the barcode readers?
  11. Shiro


    Is it possible to generate a Barcode on Caspio? How about QR code?
  12. Whats the timestamp for?
  13. Is there some way I can prevent the submission if none of my field is equal to specified value? I have three fields on my submission form. I want the submission form to only activate if at least one of them is equal to yes.
  14. Is there someway I can design a trigger so when I Import a records to my table, it will only import those records which have an actual value. When I try to update some records on my table via import, it overwrites everything even though some of the records imported are blank. I made a trigger that shall only update records which are not null via condition statement but it seems not working.
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