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  1. I just want to share this. If you ever need to prevent your triggered action/ task on sending emails/sms on certain numbers. You can create a table which contains all those unwanted email addresses/ phone number and create a blocklist. It is just an extra condition on the where statement if you used a 'select from' block. Hope it helps...
  2. It is possible to submit an email to multiple addresses, that are just on different fields of the same record? ex. On your record, you have 2 fields containing different email, lets name it field 'Email_primary' and 'Email_secondary'. Would it be possible to send email on both of those fields with only one email block?
  3. Shiro


    Cool, Would it be possible to send those Barcode Via Email? Also, would it be readable by the barcode readers?
  4. Shiro


    Is it possible to generate a Barcode on Caspio? How about QR code?
  5. Whats the timestamp for?
  6. Is there some way I can prevent the submission if none of my field is equal to specified value? I have three fields on my submission form. I want the submission form to only activate if at least one of them is equal to yes.
  7. Is there someway I can design a trigger so when I Import a records to my table, it will only import those records which have an actual value. When I try to update some records on my table via import, it overwrites everything even though some of the records imported are blank. I made a trigger that shall only update records which are not null via condition statement but it seems not working.
  8. Thanks @NiceDuck, the passing parameter worked. Im not using the JS for this since I am also not adept on it. If it aint much, may I also ask if there is a possible way I can count the number of times the record is been downloaded? That would also be helpful
  9. Thank you @NiceDuck, However, when I redirect my user to the duplicate search and report datapages, they have to search again for the data they want. Is it possible to automatically set the search of it to be automatically same as before the user click the first download?
  10. Hello Is there a way where I can make my users submit my email first before they can download files or reports from my datapages? ThankYou.
  11. Hi NiceDuck, It's seems like a nice Workflow. However, as I see it, you are also using the work order table as the lookup table for this workflow. Also, those new work orders which is actually a clone of an old record will also be considered as a new record. Therefore, in the Long run, I think this will cause a stress on your data traffic specially when the Work_order table becomes heavily populated. You may not notice that now, but when your records starts to reach hundreds or thousands, The dropdown button that you assigned to look for previous may cause a huge data spike. .... hope that helps
  12. Hi NiceDuck, I just want to ask, are you sure that it is the trigger is the one that is detecting which user made the actions? I think it was the data-page which is able to detect the current user via user authentication. In regards to the delete function. It will just remove the selected record so it even though you have a field which captures the user id of the user, it wont update your records. I think on Delete triggers will only capture the deleted records,
  13. That workflow looks "Nice"Duck hahaha however, I'm only on explore plan so triggers are not available to me. Thank you though
  14. Hey MayMusic, Hey NiceDuck Your workflows are terrific. Thank you so much. I modified your workflow a little to also record the log out date/time of the user . first, I added another text field 255 in my table. This will be our indicator if the user logged in or logged out on that certain time. Then, I made another auto submission form similar to what MayMusic describes, the only difference is the new text field 255 which has an auto value of 'Log out'. Note that you have to add this field to the auto submission form you are using for your log-in and make its auto value a 'Log in'. Then we make it redirect to the logout link. Its going to make a lot of redirection though, specially if your authentication has an auto redirection somewhere too. Thank you again.
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