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    I'm not adept when it comes to CSS and styling so I dont know if it can be done with the email. However, what I'll do is I'm gonna send them an email with a URL to a datapage downloadable as PDF. That datapage has the details and the barcode. I'm not sure if its readable by the barcode readers, I dont have one here But I highly hope so.
  2. NiceDuck


    As for the QR code, I don't know. Their PS team can probably do it.
  3. NiceDuck


    Hello Caspio can use fonts on google web fonts for their datapages. They have a barcode font there which you can use to convert values to a barcode. You may like to check the following URL's for more details https://howto.caspio.com/styles/using-google-web-fonts/ https://fonts.google.com/specimen/Libre+Barcode+39 hope it helps, quack
  4. probably some cookie or cache issue. Try clearing it up, using another browser or even other device. If issue persisted, contact the support.
  5. You may also want to try this one Quack
  6. Hello, are you really on a submission form? As I check, you can only have Calculated values on a submission form and they real time responsive. As for the calculated fields, I think they perform their calculation during on load and if you refer a field from it, it will gather those information directly from the table datasource thus it will not response/change value unless the changed values on the fields are saved on the tables first. You may want to try calculated values. You can set a field to became a calculated value on its form element. I hope it helps
  7. Just an update. As for the workflow I provided above, you are not collecting the values that are being used for searching since we are only using a dummy submission form filled with virtual fields. However, if would also be nice if we will collect those values so we can generate later what are the most search records on your reports. Anyway, if you happened to collect them, you can simply turn the field you are using on the step#5 to "Required" then use this formula instead. Case when [@field:payer] = 1 then *URL of your report datapage plust the other fields as a parameter* when [@virtual1] < 3 then *URL of your report datapage plus the other fields as a parameter* end. for this case, if all conditions is falls, the field will remain as blank. however, since it is a unique field. it will not accept blank values this is will prevent submission. You'll just have to change the error message on the localization. hope it helps, quack
  8. You may also want to refer on this another forum post.
  9. The timestamp is for making sure that the values will be submitted will never be similar to those previously submitted records. You may want to add some strings to it which is relevant to the Data you are submitting. You may refer to this one: CONVERT(VARCHAR(10), SysUTCDateTime()) + 'test' Quack
  10. Hello Shiro, For this case, what I suggest is create another field on your data source table (preferably text 255) and check the unique checkbox. Then on your submission form, set it to calculated value and make an SQL statement like this: Case When '[field:aaa]' = 'yes' then SysUTCDateTime() When '[field:bbb]' = 'yes' then SysUTCDateTime() When '[field:ccc]' = 'yes' then SysUTCDateTime() end BAsically, what it does is it checks all the mentioned fields. if none of them is equal to 'yes', the value of this field will be null. However, since blank values are unacceptable on unique fields, it will prevent the submission. You just have to change the error message on the localization Hope it helps Quack
  11. You may also mix that workflow with this one for overall cover:
  12. hmmmmm I guess you can use a calculated field/value then use conditional statement. put them on the same line with the dropdown by checking the "Place next element on the same line". As for the dropdown, set it to "No label" With that, the calculated field/value will be your label. Again, its just a suggestion. quack
  13. This is how I did it by a triggered action. Note, with this workflow, you would be able to keep the previous value of a field, it will not save the value of newly inserted record. first, duplicate the table which you want to have a history record. go to its table design and change its ID field to a text 255 and rename it "parent_id" or any name you want. Your call, as long as it indicates that it is the records former ID. also, make sure that this field is not set to unique. Add an Id field and name it "History_Id" this will be the records actual ID on its current table. this is not actually a necessity but just for... best practices I guess. Now, on your main table, create a triggered action that will copy the previous value of the updated fields to the history field. You may refer to this picture: There you have it. That is only the basics though. As mentioned above, you may also want to create a timestamp field to record when a value is updated or transferred on the history field. If you have authentication, it will also helpful if you will have a dedicated field for capturing the ID of the user who made the changes. Hope it helps, Quack
  14. Halo, I know that you mentioned "simple" on the post but you may want to check this post also if you want to create a log for knowing who deleted what : I hope this helps quack
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