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  1. I havent verified it yet but I think we can have as many connections as we need and they only limit the number of times we can run :/
  2. You may want to try checking the Web Services Integration (API) thingy. https://howto.caspio.com/web-services-api/ However, its kind of complicated. Cant use it myself so I stick with multiple scheduled import and rely on the best practices they suggested: https://howto.caspio.com/tables-and-views/scheduled-import-and-export/scheduled-tasks-datahub/#:~:text=Best Practices,of high-speed data transfer. Quack
  3. An Agent from Chat support gave me this doc. Its not official but I hope it helps quack: Table Variables .pdf
  4. You could use this to remove the time values of timestamp via trigger:
  5. The answer is, use a date diff day function. kindof like this: Hope it helps, Quack.
  6. Just sharing again. On triggered action or task, there are certain cases where you need a condition if the current date is equal to the date value on the field. However, when you just use compare the date field into a timestamp using the "equal" operator, the results is always false due to "Timestamp" having a time values unlike the one on your current date.
  7. It appears to be doable but we have to make sure that your tables are normalized. for the 1 and 2, you can make a trigger like this to add or delete records from one table to another table. I am still checking on the other conditions you have when I have free time. I really think it is doable, you just really need to make sure that your tables are normalized
  8. Do you have a predefined data for this tables? I mean, Do you have an already existing data for this and you only want to display them or you also have a problem on how are you going to collect the data and save them in that pattern?
  9. I would like to help but Im am confused on your desired workflow. Please elaborate further.
  10. Hello Leon, On this case, we will need an indicator if a user is currently logged in or not. You may want to check this workflow discussed here: I hope it helps. quack
  11. If the table data source used in team a is related by a unique on the table data source of team b, perhaps we can make a view to join them then use that view as a data source for the team b?
  12. I first tried using a formula field on that but I noticed that the DatePart "weekday" function is not usable on the formula field, thus I have to use a trigger instead. Just sharing again, no problem here. feel free to comment if you have better suggestions. quack
  13. Hello again, I just want to share this workflow. In my tabular report, I want my records to be grouped by week but when I select the week rollup, it displays the weeknumber, (ex. week 1, week 2) instead of an actual date. Since I wanted to make it display the date of the first date of that week (ex, date of every sunday), I have made this workflow: First, I created an extra date field, then, I created a triggered action/task to process the data. This is the pattern I used: Then I used the extra field weekdate to group my records instead of using the "week rollup" function.
  14. May I ask for why not create two links the use the rules to hide or show the proper link depending on which value the virtual field has?
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