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  1. I dont understand much of your inquiry, but If I need to get the Id of the record I inserted on another table using a trigger, we will need to mark it so we can use that mark as an Indicator. Kind of like this: If you can provide more details about what are you trying to achieve, perhaps there is something more I can suggest
  2. You may also want to use the block mentioned here, just change the activation from update to insert
  3. sorry for redundancy, there was as error when I post this so I though it did not submit
  4. Halo I would like to shar this block pattern. This one is set to insert a record on table 2 if the count of a group of record on table 1 is greater than or equal 75 percent of the table 1's total records I hope it helps anyone.
  5. You may want to try using a normal listbox instead. then using the JS custom code mentioned on this article bellow, you may be able to setup that to be multiselect which makes a comma separated values.
  6. You may also want to use "Not Exist" instead of "Not in", specially if it involves a lot of records:
  7. Just sharing. Since there are no checkboxes on authentication, it appears that the only way for this is to use custom coding. I add an HTML block on the authentication and using the other JS scripts I scrounge from this forum itself, this is what I got: <input id="checkbox1" name="vehicle1" type="checkbox" value="checked" /> <label for="vehicle1"> message </label> <script> var checkbox1 = document.getElementById("checkbox1").value; document.addEventListener('BeforeFormSubmit', fun
  8. Halo, Is there a way to have a checkbox on the authentication that the user must check first before logging in? kind of like a disclaimer message or something..
  9. If I got it correct, as long as the date is not after June 30, set the fiiscal year as last year. Is that the case? If yes, perhaps we can use a formula like this: case when Datepart(month,[@field:date]) < 7 then Datepart(year,[@field:Birth_date]) - 1 when Datepart(month,[@field:date]) >= 7 then Datepart(year,[@field:Birth_date]) end I just used the year as a return value as I am not sure what is the exact value you want but I hope this idea helps
  10. @Nuke354, yes that is for the task Now, the idea is try to use the same on the trigger. Take note though, on this kind of workflow, there is a very high chance that you encounter a cascading limit error since we can only cascade up to 2 triggers.
  11. Depending on How complicated the trigger is, if its a very simple workflow where the only challenge or issue is the exceeding records, perhaps we can actually use the task workaround and trigger it via cascading trigger. For example, on main table, you have a trigger that will copy delete all values from table c and insert all records from table b there. Table b however has 15k records. What we can do is kindof like this, first block is the delete block for table c 2nd block is for inserting all records from table b where autnumber is less than 9k 3rd block is where we insert a s
  12. Additional Note: The workflow I mentioned above will only work with calculated fields and It should also work with formula fields. However, it would not work with Calculated Values. Anyway, if you have calculated values on your DAtaPage, there should probably a 'rules' feature there. I suggest that you use that instead.
  13. There is actually a tricky workflow for this one. If you need to move your pictures to another table for 1 time use only, you may try the following: 1) Convert the field for handling the files into a text255. With that, the file it has will be converted into a directoty. 2) Use task to copy that directory to another table. The receiver should be a text 255 as well. 3) Convert those text255 fields into file data type again. If you will be needing to pass them time to time, I suggest that you try this one. 1) On your main table, take the ID of record which has the desired imag
  14. You can actually use @Nuke354 workflow on report datapages with calculated field to make it work conditionally. For example, on your results page , you only want to hide the value of those fields depending on a value from another field, you may try this kind of workflow, 1) at the very bottom of the page, create 2 html blocks. Set them up as described on Nuke's workflow. 2) Create a calculated field there and use a case when formula like this: Case when [@field:indicator] = 1 then 'none' else 'block' end 3) Encapsulate the actual fields you wanted to hide on html blocks. On the
  15. Base on my expirience, you need to add the prefix 'InsertRecord' on the parameter name on the receiving end for every parameter that is being passed by this method: However, If you want to avoid all of this confusion, just use the manual redirect on the end of the datapage via url and pass the parameter as querry string: with this, you can simply catch it like a normal parameter.
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