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  1. This is what I got when I tried it on my end Take note that the variable and the loops are important.
  2. HALO! You may want to try this trigger on tab_Profession_Paragraphs table.
  3. If you can provide something that can be used to trace which record is duplicate, perhaps we can use trigger or task to automatically detect them and delete them for you. How do you determine if the new account is related to an old one?
  4. Personally, I think it is better to place my data on multiple tables and just linked them on via view set with Inner Join. It is a bit hassle to fill up since you will need multiple forms but saves me from losing everything when one of them got messed up.
  5. I'm afraid we cant. However, if you really need it, you can perhaps set a trigger that will copy the contents of your formula field into another normal field then use that normal field for relationship.
  6. You may want to check this Thread as well: It can be use to make a history log.
  7. If your page 2 is a webpage where you have your datapages deployed, make sure that they are deployed there by embed code and not by iFrame since iFrame does not allow parameters to come in easily. But if that is the case, you may want to see this article:
  8. How exactly are you receiving the parameter on the 2nd page? If you can see the parameter on the URL, you should be able to pull it to your datapage by using [@parameter_name] on the HTML block or header/footer. Ex. MyURL.com?testparam=12 To receive that parameter on an HTML block, you will need to mention a '[@testparam]' there. May we please have a sample on how do you have it on your end?
  9. Okay, so let me verify if I got you correct. You have a form which your user will their branch and then choose the QC card that they are applying for. After that, they will have a list of evaluators based on what they have selected there as you show on the tabular report. You already made up to this point. The next step is that you want a form where your user will select will select which evaluators they want and sent an email to the selected evaluators. Is that the case? If yes, what I would do is a bit of JS and trigger. First Im going to set a submission form multi select listbox. This listbox should be a cascading listibox that will show only values that are generated for the current user. Then, in order to make it the listbox multi-selectable, please see this forum post: or this If things went well, you will have a comma seperated values of the names or ID of the selected evaluator. We can then use it on the triggered action to trace the email address of those evaluators and send email to them. https://www.caspio.com/webinars/send-sms-emails-using-triggered-actions/ What I say for now is the concept based on what I understand from your inquiry. I hope it helps and feel free to ask if you need more specific details.
  10. I have not experienced this case as well. But If I do, I will first check if I have triggers that may be altering or deleting the record. I would also apply a record tracking workflow for further checking. At the very least, I will look for a way to replicate the issue.
  11. May I request a better screenshot of the trigger? I think you are just getting confused with the lineup. First, how many tables are involved? Which among them is the main table (where the trigger is residing) After that, lets compare it with your actual intended workflow. PErhaps after that we can provide further suggestions
  12. If you are interested on doing this on a datapage level, I.E. Report datapage, you can use a calculated field/value to get the sum value for you using a select statment. ex. Select Sum(value1) from demo_table2 where foreinID=[@field:MyID]
  13. We may be able to set a trigger to ignore the updates for specific fields. However, as for the datapage directly, I have no idea...
  14. You may want to check this articles: https://howto.caspio.com/datapages/datapage-components/calculated-values/ https://howto.caspio.com/function-reference/
  15. Since this looks like a submission form, I thin you can set the QB ID field as a Calculated Value. From there, you can use an SQL conditional statement like this: Case When [@field:customerQBID] = '' then [@@field:Select_Invoice] else [@@field:Select_Invoice2] end Ofcourse, you will have to change the field name with your actual field names.
  16. May you please try changing the block you are using for the static 10 and -20 from green ones to the blue ones? I think the green ones are for text value this your value may be being recognized as text instead of number, thus causing the operation to be wrong.
  17. How about using a trigger to act as your autonumber? I mean, use a trigger setup to auto increment the intended field. You can keep the field as its intended data type then just increment it using trigger.
  18. What you can try on this one is, try converting the data type of the field from autonumber to integer. From after that, add the new records with your intended ID for them (Make sure that they are still unique). After that, convert the value to autonumber again. Try this on the test table first and make sure you have a backup of the tables before you proceed. Just incase that it wont work.
  19. I mean, base on the trigger example you have provided, the trigger will delete all records on the 'Test_Info' table that has a Status of 'cancelled no staff' no matter what record update on the main table.
  20. Hi @autonumber, I think the conditions of your Inner Join should be as follows:
  21. In my idea about assigning a staff to that site, I would have an editable tabular report that dsplays the user. This page should only be accessible by admin and higher and from here, they have a dropdown where they can set which site that user belong to. I would then have a trigger on the user table that runs on update (or even on insert). This trigger will add or delete the user ID on the Site record depends if they are assigned there or not.
  22. I would refrain on using List data types. Right now, they have a very limited use as they cannot be used in both triggered action and SQL. Im still not sure if I got your inquiry correct, but if I do, what I think you wanted is that a user should only be able to see a site if they are assigned to that site. What I would do on this case is that, I would create a text255 or text 6400 on the site table. then per site, I will have a comma seperated values of the users ID there which is allowed to view the specific site. When you then create a datapage, it can be then filtered that if the CSV field contains an ID of the current user, then show the record. Otherwise, dont.
  23. Okay, I just checked. You can also have a virtual field on search forms, but the virtual fields on the search form cannot use a calculated value as a form element.
  24. As mentioned above by @LittleMsGinger, the idea is to have a calculated value to convert the selected values from their actual value to their display value. However, take note that this will only work if you are coming from a form type of datapage (Submission, Single Record, Report Details) since these are the only page that has a virtual fields.
  25. If you are on a form type of datapage, you can try using this workflow where they converted it first on a comma seperated values on a virtual field then use that comma seperated values for your calculation. I hope this helps.
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