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  1. NiceDuck's post in Conversion failed when converting the nvarchar value was marked as the answer   
    I just figured it out, turns out I have to add quotation to the 55555

    Weird, it was working as expected before even  without the quotation.
  2. NiceDuck's post in Is there any way to make pie charts with separate fields for each series? was marked as the answer   
    This the Task I used to process those Data

  3. NiceDuck's post in Creating and adding childrecords was marked as the answer   
    @BertM If the creation of child records will originate from creating parent record as well, you can use this trigger on the parent table.

    If you dont have an update trigger on the parent table, this should work properly with @AtayBalunbalunan's trigger. Otherwise, you would have an cascading error.

    @AtayBalunbalunan, thank you for the tip about getting the count, I did not know that you can get the count of records with just the 'expression field', I thought that a group function is required for that.

  4. NiceDuck's post in Using Table Variables in Triggered Actions was marked as the answer   
    An Agent from Chat support gave me this doc. Its not official but I  hope it helps 

    Table Variables .pdf
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