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  1. Hi Vitalikssssss, Thanks for the tip. That was excately what i was looking for and it works great! Sincerely Ras
  2. Hi, I would like to make a mouseover popup in a HTML Block/Link in a result page, so user do not have to click to enter the full details page. The popup will just quickly list some main milestones (field values) that are in the details page. Relative to this without graphics, i just need 8 fields listed .: I suppose i have to make a HTML data page, that is resized somehow and then pull that as a popup. Does any one have some tips or script references? Sincerely Ras
  3. Thanks Vitalikassssss, Then I will not dwell more over that, and I will go for the alternative. Sincerely Ras
  4. Hi, I have a Search Result Page from where I need to pass sensitive pricing parameters to a submission web form (via a link in a HTML Block). I do not want users to be able manipulate the parameters in the address bar, and then it appears that the query string method is obsolete. So I was looking as how to pass internally via Caspio Bridge. But, then I have read on https://howto.caspio.com/parameters/passing-parameters/ that: Passing parameters from Results Page can be achieved using a query string. I intrepret that, and have tested it as well, as you cannot pass parameters internally via Caspio Bridge from a Result Page to a Web Form..... Is that correct? .....at least I cannot get it to work. Followed the howto guide, but the default selection keep switching back to external parameters setting, and nothing pass. Do anyone have similar considerations or good practice advise getting Search Result data securely passed to a web form ? Alternatively, I have considered to only pass non-sensitive parameters e.g. the Random ID, Product names etc. and then based on that, populate sensitive date to fields in the web form based on a SELECT statement getting the data from the table where the results originate from. Any advise would be appreciated. Sincerely Ras
  5. Hi Vitalissssss, Thanks again for great help... This worked immediately! Very much appreciated. Sincerely Ras
  6. Hi, I've been fiddeling with preventing a submissionform to submit and I have seen a few solutions in the forum. However it seems i cant get those to work, perhaps because i try to rewrite them a bit to fit my purpose. This is what I am trying to achieve: I have two calculated virtual fields. These display the text WARNING if other fields exceed some values. (This works) If the two Virtual Fields display the warnings I want the form to prevent submission and high-light with alert the existing warnings. Below script prevent submission completely regardless if there are warnings in the virtual fields or not... and there are no alert either.: <script type="text/javascript"> document.addEventListener('BeforeFormSubmit', function(event) { event.preventDefault(); var Input1 = document.getElementByName('cbParamVirtual1').value; var Input2 = document.getElementByName('cbParamVirtual2').value; if (Input1 === 'WARNING' || Input2 === 'WARNING') { alert('Enter acceptable volume!'); } else { document.forms["caspioform"].submit(); } }); </script> I would appreciate if anyone could point me in the right direction, getting the script to work. Thanks a lot in advance. Sincerely Ras
  7. Hi, Thanks a lot Vitalikssssss. Works perfect now, even with using dropdown yes/no. Sincerely Ras
  8. Hi, I am trying to get data from a table to a datapage calculated field based on conditions that are chosen in the data page.. I get to work without any CASE & WHEN conditions i.e. if I only have to SELECT from one column, but that only takes me halfway. Caspio continue to give me the ..... Incorrect syntax near (. and I have tried to rewrite many times. I would appreciate it a lot if anyone can see what im doing wrong in below statement! CASE WHEN [@field:Agree]="NO" AND [@field:Term]="Disc1" THEN SELECT Price FROM Products WHERE Model=target.[@field:Model] AND Color=target.[@field:Color] WHEN [@field:Agree]="YES" AND [@field:Term]="Disc1" THEN SELECT PriceReb FROM Products WHERE Model=target.[@field:Model] AND Color=target.[@field:Color] END Sincerely Ras
  9. Hi, Thanks.. you led me to the solution. It was the datatype in STF! I had to change it to number. Couldnt see the tree for the forest. Thanks again. Ras
  10. Hi, I have made a few conditions in a CASE statement in a Calculated value field in a submission form. The first part of the case statement works fine, but when the conditions ''in red'' is changed, a calculation error is stated for the last formular. The field [@field:STF] is showing in the form and contain value and is exact as other fields. I have a feeling the whole syntax is wrong when i have multiple conditions. I really appreciate if anyone have suggestions to correct the CASE statement (or if you believe the statement is correct as is) CASE WHEN [@field:Contract]="NO" AND [@field:Acceptance]= "YES" AND [@field:Terms]="F1" THEN ([@field:Rate]+[@field:HAND]*[@field:No_Of_Units]) WHEN [@field:Contract]="NO" AND [@field:Acceptance]= "YES" AND [@field:Terms]="F2" THEN ([@field:Rate]+[@field:HAND]+[@field:PAC]*[@field:No_Of_Units]) WHEN [@field:Contract]="NO" AND [@field:Acceptance]= "NO" AND [@field:Terms]="F1" THEN ([@field:Rate]+[@field:HAND]*[@field:No_Of_Units]) WHEN [@field:Contract]="NO" AND [@field:Acceptance]= "NO" AND [@field:Terms]="F2" THEN ([@field:Rate]+[@field:HAND]+[@field:PAC]+[@field:STF]*[@field:No_Of_Units]) END Sincerely Ras
  11. Jus to close it. Problem was solved by changing mind of workflow and focus on passing parameters to next page submission form (without use of virtual fields).
  12. Hi, I'm looking for a hint on how to use Virtual fields and Calculated fields in DataPages to generate a quotation that can eventually be recorded in a different table. So far I have tried using Submission Forms and and Reports, but cant get the Virtal Field to appear in results so a Calculated field can be used. This is what I am trying to accomplish: SEARCH: User choose a product in a dropdown and manually enter required quantity of this a product e.g. in a Virtual field, RESULT: On the result page it then show: Product, Unit Price, X units entered, Total Price and a select option. SUBMIT: Once the order is selected from the result page, the user is directed to a Submission Form which shall display the selected order details. User can submit the order and the details and Total Price are recorded in a separate quotation table. Any guidance are welcomed. Thanks in advance Sincerely Ras
  13. Thanks Alison, That did the trick.! Also it appears that for passing currency (which also suddenly became an issue) you have to stay with the initial localization Cheers Ras
  14. Hi, New at Caspio and now programming or DB skills, I follow the tutorial vids which only takes me so far. I am sucesfully passing parameters from a search report page to a submission form, and all data are submitted in the table. However, any data passed with separated text are recorded in the table field as: e.g. CALLAO%20EXPRESS where it should have recorded it as CALLAO EXPRESS Thanks a lot in advance for any guidance. Sincerely Ras
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