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  1. Hi, Support gave the solution for the error message so sharing... Had to put a NULLIF in the second expression, that did it. NULLIF((SELECT COUNT(Quote_Used) from Quotes WHERE Quote_Used='Expired' AND Tradelane_Owner = '[@authfield:Company_Users_tbl_Company_ID]'),0) Cheers Ras.
  2. Hi, I need a select statement which counts and divide based on conditions and authorization. I run into a problem with formula not accepting division if there is a authorization involved.... it will accept Multiplication and Addition etc. but not if its division.. This statement is working (with Multiplication) (SELECT COUNT(Quote_Used) from Quotes WHERE Quote_Used='Used' AND Tradelane_Owner = '[@authfield:Company_Users_tbl_Company_ID]') * (SELECT COUNT(Quote_Used) from Quotes WHERE Quote_Used='Expired' AND Tradelane_Owner = '[@authfield:Company_Users_tbl_Company_ID]')
  3. Vitalikssssss helped me solve the HTML responsive issue and I wanted to share to forum if other counter the same issue. Thanks Vitalikssssss ************************************** I have managed to resolve the issue by shrinking the HTML block width to certain width. You can adjust Caspio Style used on Datapage or add the following code in DP Header: <style> @media only screen and (max-width: 575px) { .cbHTMLBlockContainer { width: 200px !important; } } </style> Regards, Vitalikssssss
  4. Hi, thanks. I have sent you a link so you can see the issue in effect. Sincerely Ras
  5. Hi, On my website where datapages with HTML Blocks are deployed, it seems there is a conflict with the website CSS and the Caspio Style CSS and I cant figure out what custom CSS to put in the styles to avoid such conflict. This is how my HTML Blocks turn out responsive going out our over my container on the site - other data fields adjust fine! Have anyone experienced same issue with HTML Block in responsive sites - and dealt with it? Sincerely Ras
  6. Hi Ginger, Thanks for your response! Both solutions will do the job, but which one of those two would be the best practice from a data management point of view? Sincerely Ras
  7. Hello, What is best practice for deleting or cancel a record in a table. 1. Keep the record in the table, but make a status field which can filter out the row based on e.g. a cancellation status. 2. Delete the record in the table, but make a separate log table for records deleted. I need to consider the table design for future API integrations, and general best practice. Any recommendations would be appreciated. Sincerely Ras
  8. Hi, I have deployed Google Maps based on Geocodes on a Tabular Datapage and that work. However, I would like different appearance on the site. I have done some testing on other Datapages and settings in the map tutorial to see different outcomes, but cant really get that to work displaying locations/orders in the map. This is what I eventually would like to have: 1. Hide the search and table result and only get the map deployed, showing order location and still be able to hover curser on the marker to see details in bubble. 2. Where I have more than 1 order there shou
  9. Hi, problem solved. Statement 2. suddenly worked after I kept working and making changes on the data page - not sure what caused the initial glitch! Ras
  10. Hi, in the Company user table its a text field (255) consisting of 8 characters. It originates as a 8 Charaters Random ID from a Company table though. Ras
  11. Hi, I have a Details Datapage where i would like to use a SELECT statements to pull data another table into a Virtual Calculated Field. It goes well so far as pulling the count across all Company_ID's, but when I add RLS to the statement values turn 0 even though the formula is verified. - Both, Booking_Status & Assign_To are in the table Bookings - Assign_To is a text field (255) that match the [@authfield:Company_Users_tbl_Company_ID] I have tried various combinations and expression like: 1. SELECT COUNT(DISTINCT Booking_Status) AS Pending FROM Bookings
  12. Hi, Apparently, that script was not fond of Bootstrap, so i ended up finding a new Tooltip that works just a good. If anyone else experience same issues you can find some good examples for Bootstrap here https://www.tutorialrepublic.com/twitter-bootstrap-tutorial/bootstrap-tooltips.php Thanks Ras
  13. Hi. This Tool Tip script was great, and I used it for testing on a Weebly.com site and it worked like a charm... Since I have now moved all my datapages over to a Bootstrap Dashboard, away from Weebly the script does not work as before .. suspect its due to CSS code on the new site. I have tried make the Tool Tip script overwrite any existing CSS, by adding !important...but in vain... do you Vitalik or anyone have a suggestion of how to make this script take precedence over any other existing CSS? Script in Header: <style> .tooltip { border-bottom: 1px dot
  14. Hi Vitalikssssss, Thanks for the tip. That was excately what i was looking for and it works great! Sincerely Ras
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