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  1. I'm trying to trigger a calculated field contingent on a select2 field  or a hidden calculated field and I can't make it work. 

    This is what I have: 

    Field1(Cascading Dropdown Field for value: Field_ID) (converted into a select2 element using $('select[name="InsertRecordField1"]').select2();)

    VirtualField1 (Calculated Field) (Using the following sql SELECT Field_Name FROM Table WHERE [@field:Field1] = Field_ID)

    The SQL doesn't notice the changes made to Field1 nor its initial value on page load.

    I tried using JavaScript and SQL to give Field1's value to a another hidden Virtual Field and trigger the SQL with the following code:


    document.getElementById('caspioNote').onmousemove = function() {myFunction();};

    function myFunction() {

    var i = document.getElementsByName('InsertRecordField1')[0].value;

    document.getElementsByName('cbParamVirtual2')[0].value = i;




    SQL for VirtualField1:

    SELECT Field_Name FROM Table WHERE [@cbParamVirtual2] = Field_ID


    The JavaScript works fine but the SQL does not seem to notice the changes in VirtualField2

    This happens to other cascading fields too when I use VirtualField2 as the Parent Field.


    How could I archive this? Thanks in advance 

  2. I need to create a cascading. multi-select list box on a Submission - that has "select check boxes" associated with each option, and a "select all" button.

    I have explored two solutions, both of which don't work.


    Solution 1: I know that I could set the data type to List - String, and then multi-select becomes a standard option (with a "select all" option as well). But the problem with that standard solution is that it does not allow for cascading based on another fields in the Submission Form.

    Solution 2: I also know that I could use a Cascading List Box, together with the following JS code:

    <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript">
     /* "fieldName" is the variable name for the listbox type form element field. */
       var fieldName = "InsertRecordCompany";
       var x=document.getElementsByName(fieldName);

    But the problem with that solution is that the list box does not have "checkboxes" on the side, nor a "select all" button. This makes that solution clumsy for users.

    Can you help me implement what I need - a cascading. multi-select list box on a Submission - that has "select check boxes" associated with each option, and a "select all" button

  3. I have two datapages. Datapage A contains a dropdown and each value from it has a unique ID. I have a second Datapage a (Single Record Update form) on the same page which I would like to be contingent on the dropdown value selected from Datapage A. I would like to know how and if it is possible to send parameters to another datapage in the same webpage using Caspio? Without using the POST method where I would have to create a query string and use a second webpage. 

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