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  1. Hello, Have a problem that I haven't seen in the forums or Online help. Is there a way to conditionally change the background color for a calculated row of values. Specifically, I have a table that has a calculated row for each number series. I want to conditionally change the background color when the row >= 100%. I've seen solutions for regular rows but not a calculated row and how to adjust its formatting.
  2. Hi...can you share the details on how you got this to work? Thanks in advance...
  3. Hello, I have a tablular datapage that I am trying to create a conditional output based on a external parameter being passed to the datapage. The external parameter [@BU] is driving the selection of which results should be passed. The resulting html would be passed for each case. Not sure if this is possible since it is a mixed logic and HTML response. Or if I should just be looking for a different solution here" I have added this in my HTML block currently but the CASE logic is not working and currently it is just parsing the html formatted content: ------- CASE WHEN '[@BU]' = '8' THEN <span month_year="[@field:Month_Year*]" sub_type="[@field:Function_Subtype#]">[@field:MPBU_HC]</span> WHEN '[@BU]' = '6' THEN <span month_year="[@field:Month_Year*]" sub_type="[@field:Function_Subtype#]">[@field:MicBU_HC]</span> ELSE 0 END
  4. Hi, I have some large triggered actions that I want to print off so I can review the logic. I can print from the current screen that will show the top of the logic. How can I either capture or print the entire logic tree?
  5. Hi, Thanks for the reply and followup. That configuration allows me to adjust the size of a number after the decimal point. It doesn't allow me to adjust the presented significant number format for large numbers. So, to illustrate in an example, if I have a number: 1,234,567.89102 - I can adjust the format to present. --> 1,234,567 (Eliminating the decimal numbers) But I can't set the number of significant digits so I can have the number presented as a rounded value. 1,234,567.89102 --> 1.2M
  6. Have a chart with currency labels. The values are large and so when I use labels, the values overflow the bar and clutter the graph. I would prefer to reformat the label to reduce the display size by changing the label format. Son instead of : $3,256,876 --> $3.3M I have found some javascript to adjust the absolute value but not sure how and where to apply it. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/36734201/how-to-convert-numbers-to-million-in-javascript
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