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  1. You can do this using CSS custom code. In Submission Forms and details pages you can hide multiple fields by surrounding them with HTML table tags and setting the table’s display style to “none”. but to use this with condition, you may follow this step: first create a HTML block and use this code below: <style> [data-css="value_of_your_parameter_or_field"] { display: none; } </style> <table data-css="[@name_of_your_parameter_or_field]"> and on your second HTML Block </table> make sure that you place the fields that you wanted to hide
  2. Hi haxx0r, This can be achieved within Caspio, it requires custom programming to display all the Names in to the header. You may apply this simple JavaScript code into your DataPage and see if it works on your workflow. First, Add this code inside your header, please do not forget to disable the html editor: <div id="names"> </div> <script> var array = []; </script> This script basically creates a <div> where all the Names will be display, and also created an array where all the names will be stored. Second, add a new HTML Block and use this code:
  3. In the Details DataPage, you can use an HTML Block to create button. Then go to the Advanced Tab and uncheck the check box beside 'Enable HTML editor'. Then use this script "<button onclick="window.location.href = 'URL?parameter=value;">Click Here</button>"
  4. You will need to transfer the code of your footer to the DataPage that is displaying the Table. You can just create an HTML Block before your footer. and then paste the deployment code of your Iframe. Please ensure that the enabled HTML Editor has been unchecked from the advance tab.
  5. Hi, You can go to Configure Details Page in your DataPage and select your file element and choose display as "File" in the Display Options and check the "Hyperlink for the download".
  6. I suggest that you create HTML Block and call the two Calculated Field inside of it. First, Insert a HTML Block and inside the HTML Block click the Insert Button and then select the two Calculated Fields.
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