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  1. Hi, i wanted to hide a section/field inside my submission DataPage, but upon trying on using Rules, it seems that the data is not submitted. Is there any way I can do this?
  2. Hi, I wanted to display the field results into my header, but as I try display it, it is only showing 1 record, but I need all the record that matches in my search field. So I have this Report DataPage that a search field for Roles. and on the results Page it is displaying a list of Names. What I wanted is that I should display all the Names in the header of the DataPage. but I can't seem to know how to do it.
  3. so I have a table with a list . then each of the list i create a link to the detail, my question is. in the detail I want to have a button which i click I can pull the detail id to other page. I wonder how to input the link?
  4. Hi, Can I add line break for a calculated field in report? I have two calculated field and i want to concatenate them. but i want to display my second calculated field in a separate line. is this feature available in Caspio?
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