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  1. Hello, You may also utilize parameters to achieve this workflow and tweak the code in this article a little to make it work: https://howto.caspio.com/tech-tips-and-articles/common-customizations/create-user-specific-redirect-after-login/
  2. I would like to add an 'IF ELSE' condition inside my Trigger, but instead of the receiving field, I would like it to be the selecting value. I'm not sure if that's doable so I'm wondering if there is a way to achieve that.
  3. I have a DataPage with a dropdown field. I'm using a look-up table as values for this but I would like a dropdown value to be deleted when it's submitted on the form and added to the table. How can I do that?
  4. Hi I would like to stamp the username of the person logged in to my authenticated DataPage when a specific field is modified. How do I do that?
  5. Hi, I had the same issue before and what I did to resolve it is to configure the file format from the 'Configure Table File Formats' wizard. On this page, you will see a dropdown where you can select two options, 'First row contains field names' and 'Does not contain field names'. You may select the first one to display the actual name from your CSV file. Here's a screenshot for reference:
  6. That seems helpful but if I want the timestamp to be updated only when a specific field is modified, is that also possible?
  7. I would like to update the timestamp whenever a record is updated or modified. How can I do that using Triggered Actions?
  8. That's helpful! Are there other learning materials that I can use as references?
  9. How about for submission forms, what is the maximum number of calculated values that I can add on the DataPage?
  10. I'm trying to create an application that deals with many calculations. Before I start building my app, I would like to know how many calculated fields can I add to a Reports DataPage?
  11. I'm looking for a workaround to remove a value on my dropdown field if it was already selected by one of my users and submitted using a submission form. Is that possible?
  12. I have a submission form that has a text area wherein the rich text editor is enabled. Whenever I submit records,there are some unnecessary special characters that are found on my table for this particular field which I don't remember entering. For example, if I enter the word "don't", it appears on the table as "don't". Is there any way to avoid this?
  13. If you want to calculate the contribution for a specific filter, you may try adding a Where criteria that utilizes 'target'. You may refer to this formula: (([@field:NumberField]/(SELECT SUM (NumberField) From Table))*100 WHERE Company_ID=target.[@field:Company_ID]))
  14. You may try this formula, however, this only works on the DataPage level: ([@field:NumberField]/(SELECT SUM (NumberField) From Table))*100 Please make sure to replace the field names according to your table design.
  15. Hi Astroboy, I have a piece of Javascript code with me that might do the trick for you. You may paste this code on the footer inside your DataPage, but make sure to disable the HTML editor on the advanced tab. Here's the code: <script type="text/javascript"> document.addEventListener('DataPageReady', chartUpdateHandler) function chartUpdateHandler(event) { var cleaner = function(interv) { clearInterval(interv); } let interv = setInterval(() => { if (!!Highcharts.charts[0]) { console.log(Highcharts.charts[0]); Highcharts.charts[0].update({ title: { text: 'Insert Text Here', align: 'left', x: 70 } }); cleaner(interv); } }, 200); } </script> Note: You have to insert the title that you want to use directly on this code. To do that, simply replace the text *Insert Text Here* with the title that you want to set for your chart.
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